43 - W 11th/Barger - Route Description

The route begins at Eugene Station (Bay C) and travels West on West 11th Avenue . The bus pulls into the Fred Meyer parking lot to serve Seneca Station. The bus continues on West 11th Avenue where it serves Target and Wal-Mart and turns to travel North on Danebo, West on Royal by the Royal West Shopping Center, and North on Terry where it serves Kalapuya High School. The bus makes a loop by turning West onto Barger Drive, then back East on Barger Drive after turning around at the Green Hill Road roundabout where it serves Meadow View School. Note- Beginning with the 7:00pm weekday and Saturday departures from Eugene Station and all Sunday trips the bus travels East on Barger eliminating this neighborhood loop.  From Barger it serves Shasta Middle School before heading North on Cubit Street and East on Wagner Street where it serves Echo Hollow Plaza and WinCo.  The bus travels South on Clarey Street, East on Barger Drive, Southeast along Highway 99, South on Jacobs Drive where it serves the Gilbert Shopping Center.  The bus travels South on Fairfield, West on Royal, then Southeast on Hwy 99 to serve Four Corners. The bus turns South on Garfield Street, East on 8th Avenue, South on Jefferson Street, and East on 10th Avenue to return to Eugene Station.

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