Annual Route Review

two buses at eugene station
Each weekday, nearly 40,000 customers board LTD’s buses. LTD provides a vital link to employment, education, health care, and recreational opportunities. Part of delivering high-quality service is utilizing a process in which routes are evaluated for efficiency and effectiveness on a yearly basis. Input from operators and riders plays a critical role in developing a proposal that improves our system for everyone. To the right is an outline of the Annual Route Review process:

LTD develops a list of possible service changes and begins formal and informal conversations with the public about these possible changes.


Continued public input obtained from: open houses, public hearings, online forums, e-mail, phone, and face-to-face conversations with the community.


Based on continuing conversations with the community, LTD refines possible service changes to reflect community needs and available resources.


The LTD Board takes action on proposed fare and service changes that are implemented in the fall.

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Click here to see the 2017 winter service changes taking effect February 5.

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