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How to Log Your Trips

You can log your trips in the Trip Calendar. You also can earn incentives and keep track of your positive impact on the environment and your pocket book.

Step 1: Set up your regular commute trip

  • Click on “Calendar” on the blue toolbar.
  • Click “Trip Log Templates” to log your regular commute (e.g. if you take the bus every day).
    • Click “Add Trip Log Template.”
    • Name your Trip Log Template for easy reference once it is stored (e.g., “My Work Commute”).
    • Select your home address in the “From” dropdown menu or “Add New Address” to enter your starting point manually. Then select your work or school address in the “To” dropdown menu or select “Add New Address” to add your destination address manually.
    • Select your trip purpose, mode, and on what days you travel. Specify if you want the system to use your template to log trips automatically. Then click “Save.”
    • You should see the word “Running” and a red “stop” icon under “Status” indicating that your trips will auto-log.
  • If you ever need to pause your auto-log, click the red icon (e.g., a holiday break or you go on vacation). To resume your auto-log, click the blue icon.
  • To edit the trip, click the writing hand icon.
  • To delete the trip, click the “X.”

Step 2: Manually log trips

The new drag-and drop calendar makes logging your trips as easy as 1-2-3. To log additional trips, or if you commuted differently than your regular trip, click “Calendar” in the blue toolbar.

  • First select the mode that you used. Next, confirm the details of your trip and click “Continue.” Finally, click the date that your trip took place on the calendar.
  • You have the opportunity to log trips that occurred as much as four weeks prior to inputting the information. Once you trip shows on the calendar, you can hover over the mode icon with your mouse to see the details of your trip. You can delete your trip if you have made a mistake.