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How to find carpool or vanpool partners

You can use Drive Less Connect to find carpool or vanpool partners, and even a bike or walk buddy. With this safe and secure online database, you can seek other commuters with similar schedules and routes who are looking for rideshare partners. Search within your own work network, Lane County, or throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. You choose who can view your match information.

Step 1: Create a Trip

  • Log in to your Drive Less Connect account, go to “Ridematch” on the blue toolbar, and select “Create a trip.” Select the type of trip you are creating, how often your trip occurs, and click “Continue.” Select your home address in the “Start Address” dropdown menu or enter your starting point manually (e.g., a Park & Ride lot or nearest intersection). Select your work or school address in the “End Address” dropdown menu or enter your destination address manually. Complete the rest of your trip information and click “Save.” You will be prompted to give new addresses friendly names for easy reference once they are stored (e.g., “Carpool Meeting Spot”). Note: When entering addresses, please provide city and state information!
  • If you connected your profile to Facebook, you will be prompted to post your trip to your FB wall should you choose.
  • If there are matches, a map will appear showing the other commuters’ starting and ending points. To the left of the map, the user names are listed with more detailed trip information and their preferences.
  • Checkboxes below the map allow you to show/hide the locations of matches on the map.

Step 2: What to do if you find a match

  • If you find a match, you can choose “Send Message” to communicate your interest in ridesharing (sharing your contact information is optional).
  • Should no matches come up, don’t worry. New commuters register every day, so check back frequently. If another use finds you as a match, the system will send you an e-mail at the address you provided when you registered.