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Give Your Employees A Lift and a Valuable Benefit -- AT NO COST TO YOU!

Thousands of employees carpool, vanpool, use the bus, bike, or walk instead of driving alone to get to work. They are helping to ease traffic congestion, reduce air pollution, and cut down on parking problems and demand at company worksites.

As an employer, you want your employees to be able to get home in case of an emergency and you want to support the responsible choices of your employees. But for those who rideshare to work, finding a way home can be stressful and time consuming. That’s where the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program comes in! The ERH program provides employees with a free taxi ride home in case of an emergency. All the employer needs to do is sign up for the program and all the employee needs to do is register.

The ERH program provides employees up to four taxi rides home each year in case of a qualified emergency on days when they don't drive alone.

How It Works

The employer signs a letter of agreement with Point2point, saying they will help promote the program to their employees.

The taxi rides can be used for emergencies when:

  • The employee or a family member suffers an illness, injury, or other emergency
  • The employee’s home or property is damaged by fire, burglary, or similar emergency
  • The employee has to work unexpected overtime (supervisor's approval needed)
  • The employee’s carpool/vanpool driver has an emergency and has to leave early

When an employee has an emergency on a day they commute to work by means other than driving alone, they simply log in to their Drive Less Connect account and print their own voucher. Point2point will pay for the entire trip and will be invoiced by the taxi provider.

Area of Service

  • ERH is available to all employers within the Eugene/ Springfield metropolitan area and surrounding communities including:
  • Cottage Grove/Creswell
  • McKenzie Bridge
  • Veneta
  • Elmira
  • Oakridge
  • Junction City
  • Coburg

ERH Participating Companies

Click here for a list of participating employers

It’s Easy to Register

All you need to do is submit the ERH employer agreement. We will then meet with you to review the program and provide you with an ERH Administrator's kit that includes:

  • Taxi Provider List
  • Participation Guidelines
  • Info Cards
  • FAQ’s
  • Employee Marketing Materials and Ideas

Call us at 541-682-6183 for more information.