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ERH Participation Guidelines

The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program is a free service provided by Point2point at Lane Transit District. The ERH program provides a free taxi ride home for employees who experience a personal or family emergency on a day when they have commuted to work by an alternative to driving alone in their car.

Who Qualifies?

  • Your employer must be enrolled in the ERH program. If your employer is not enrolled, have them contact Point2point at 541-682-6213
  • To be eligible, you must register at DriveLessConnect.com and enroll in the ERH program. Don't wait until you need a ride home to enroll!
  • You must have traveled to work by bus, carpool, vanpool, biking or walking on the day when an emergency ride is requested
  • Students are not eligible to receive ERH benefits

What Conditions Qualify?

  • Personal or family illness, injury, or other emergency
  • Home damaged by fire, burglary, or similar emergency
  • Carpool/vanpool driver has an emergency and has to leave early, leaving you stranded
  • Unscheduled overtime (with supervisor's signature on the ERH voucher)

What Conditions Do Not Qualify?

  • Ride to work
  • Personal errands or scheduled appointments
  • Scheduled overtime or business related travel
  • Working late without supervisor's approval
  • Missed carpool/bus
  • Inclement weather
  • Personal vehicle or bicycle failure

How Many Times Can ERH be Used?

You are eligible for up to four emergency rides home during a calendar year. If you use all of your vouchers, you will need to wait until the next calendar year to receive additional vouchers. Vouchers are not transferable and a voucher must be used for every ride. Lost vouchers willl not be replaced and unused vouchers do not carry over to the next year.

Where can you go?

All rides must originate at worksites located in the Eugene/Springfield metropolitan area. The employee may be dropped off at home, a transit stop, or the location of their parked car (e.g. a Park & Ride lot). Emergency-related side trips on the way home are permitted, including picking up a sick child at school or daycare, or filling a prescription at a pharmacy.

How to use the ERH program

Register for the ERH program through your Drive Less Connect account. Once your enrollment has been approved you may use ERH! Through your Drive Less Connect account you can request a voucher, self-certify that you meet the criterial for an Emergency Ride Home and print the voucher to utilize the program. You will be required to relinquish the voucher to the taxi driver. (Participating taxi providers and their phone numbers are listed on the ERH voucher). If you have any questions, please call Point2point at 541-682-6213.

Please note: Any trip taken without an authorized voucher will not be covered by the ERH program. The member will be held responsible for payment and possibly denied future participation in the program. Point2point is acting solely as a referral service and as such, does not assume any liability, claims, and demands for personal injury or loss to personal property. The information you provide will be used solely for rideshare purposes.