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Get There Better Together - Corvallis to Eugene Vanpool Options

March 2, 2020

Media Contact: Tracy Ellis
Email: tracy.ellis@LTD.org
Phone: 541-682-6183

Valley VanPool offers two vanpool options for long distance commuting from Corvallis to Eugene. Vanpooling allows people who work long distances from their homes the opportunity to commute in a more sustainable and cost-effective way than driving alone in their car.

Drive alone commuters between Corvallis and Eugene typically spend around $350 per month just for gas, tires, and maintenance, while also spending about 375 hours each year behind the wheel of a car.

The same commute utilizing a Corvallis to Eugene commuter vanpool currently costs  much less (around $135 - $150 per month, depending on ridership) and allows the rider to sit back and relax, while saving money on gas, wear and tear as well as reducing traffic and air pollution.

Valley VanPool currently supports 50 vanpools that serve more than 400 commuters throughout the Willamette Valley. Commuters find that vanpooling allows them to relax, read, work, or even sleep instead of fighting traffic. Other benefits include saving on gas money, maintenance, insurance, and wear and tear on personal vehicles, as well as reducing harmful pollutants that threaten our environment.

Corvallis to Eugene (VLTD03)
7:30 – 5:00 weekdays
$135-$150 depending on ridership
This vanpool travels south on I-5 and picks up in Corvallis and at Hwy 34/I-5 Park & Ride, dropping commuters at International Way (Symantec), downtown Eugene, and University of Oregon

Corvallis to Eugene (VLTD17)
7:30 – 4:30 weekdays
$120 - $140 depending on ridership
This vanpool travels south on Hwy 99 and picks up at BiMart-Philomath, Bellfountain (near Muddy Creek School), Greenberry & Hwy 99, dropping commuters at Oregon State Hospital Junction City, 675 McKinley St, downtown Eugene, and University of Oregon.

Valley VanPool is a collaboration of Cascades West Rideshare, Cherriots Trip Choice. SMART Transit, and Point2point at Lane Transit District. Current routes serve Albany/Corvallis, Eugene, Salem, Portland, Sheridan, and more. For more information on this or any route, please visit ValleyVanPool.Info or contact Vanpool@LTD.org.

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