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LTD Fare Updates

10-Ride Ticket Books

  • 10 Ride Books
    10 Rider Books
    The LTD ticket books have been discontinued and are no longer in stock.
  • Any previously purchased 10-ride ticket book tickets are still valid and accepted as fare.
  • The tickets have been replaced with new single-ride paper tickets that can be purchased in quantity.
  • Please contact or visit LTD’s Customer Service Center to place your order for these tokens:
    • Phone: 541-687-5555 or 1-800-248-3861
    • Visit:    1080 Willamette Street, Downtown Eugene  

1-Month & 3-Month Passes (1/2 Fare and Adult)

  • Montly Pass
    Monthly Pass
    LTD 1-month and 3-month paper passes have been discontinued as of January 1, 2020.
  • All monthly passes are sold through UmoPass.com or at LTD Customer Service, using the mobile app or TouchPass/Umo co-branded tap card.
  • Information on Umo Mobility is available here.

1-Day Passes

  • If paying with cash, a paper 1-day pass is given to the customer by the bus operator.
  • Paper 1-day passes are available for purchase at the Customer Service Center.
  • For customer’s convenience, the Umo Mobility app or TouchPass/Umo co-branded tap card can be used for a 1-day bus pass. By downloading the app or purchasing a tap card, customers can pre-load stored value or purchase a bus pass, then ride the bus by simply tapping their phone or tap card when boarding an LTD bus.

Honored Rider Passes

  • To replace an Honored Rider Pass, rider should go to the Customer Service Center to receive their new Umo Mobility Honored Rider Pass at NO CHARGE.

Student Transit Passes

  • Students currently ride free without the need for a Umo Mobility app or TouchPass/Umo co-branded tap card due to schools transitioning back to in-person instruction. When school resumes in the fall, students will be required to get a pass from their current school.
  • Student Transit Bus Passes are available through student’s school.
  • To receive a Student Transit Pass, visit the school’s administrative office.

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Revised: July 2, 2021

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