UPDATE 3/26, 1:28 PM: Lane Transit District has announced further reduction of bus service. For more details about what will go into effect on Sunday, March 29, click the following link. Learn More

LTD Fare Updates

10-Ride Ticket Books

  • 10 Ride Books
    10 Rider Books
    The LTD ticket books have been discontinued and are no longer in stock.
  • Any previously purchased 10-ride ticket book tickets are still valid and accepted as fare.
  • The tickets have been replaced with new paper tokens.
  • Please contact or visit LTD’s Customer Service Center to place your order for these tokens:
    • Phone: 541-687-5555 or 1-800-248-3861
    • Visit:    1080 Willamette Street, Downtown Eugene  

1-Month & 3-Month Passes (1/2 Fare and Adult)

  • Montly Pass
    Monthly Pass
    LTD 1-month and 3-month paper passes are being discontinued and will no longer be available for purchase beginning January 1, 2020.
  • Beginning January 1, 2020, all monthly passes will only be sold through the TouchPass System via mobile app or TouchPass tap card.
  • Information on the TouchPass is available at LTD.org/TouchPass

1-Day Passes

  • If paying with cash, a paper 1-day pass will still be given to the customer by the bus operator.
  • Paper 1-day passes will still be available for purchase at the Customer Service Center.
  • For customer’s convenience, the TouchPass system can be used for their 1-day bus pass. By downloading the app or purchasing a tap card, customers can pre-load fare then ride the bus by simply tapping their phone or tap card when boarding an LTD bus.

Honored Rider Passes

  • To replace an Honored Rider Pass, rider should go to the Customer Service Center to receive their new TouchPass Honored Rider Pass at NO CHARGE.

Student Transit Passes

  • Student Transit Bus Passes are available through student’s school.
  • To receive a Student Transit Pass, visit the school’s administrative office.

More information

  • LTD.org/TouchPass or
  • LTD Customer Service Center
    • Phone:     541-687-5555 or 1-800-248-3861
    • Visit: 1080 Willamette Street, Downtown Eugene  

Revised: December 20, 2019

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