28 - Hilyard

Route 28 – Construction DetourDue to construction resuming on January 15 through project completion, Route 28 will miss two bus stops on Hilyard St. & 34th and Hilyard St. & 36th Avenue. Please proceed to the alternate stops on Hilyard St. north of 33rd Ave. or on Amazon Pkwy. south of 37th Avenue.

Eugene Station Bay [J]UO Station SouthPatterson at 19th (SEHS)Hilyard at 30thWest Amazon at Martin
---------5:52 AM5:58 AM
6:30 AM6:37 AM6:42 AM6:48 AM6:56 AM
7:00 AM7:07 AM7:12 AM7:18 AM7:26 AM
7:30 AM7:37 AM7:42 AM7:48 AM7:56 AM
8:00 AM8:07 AM8:12 AM8:18 AM8:26 AM
8:30 AM8:37 AM8:41 AM8:47 AM8:55 AM
9:30 AM9:37 AM9:41 AM9:47 AM9:55 AM
10:30 AM10:37 AM10:41 AM10:47 AM10:55 AM
11:30 AM11:37 AM11:42 AM11:48 AM11:56 AM
12:30 PM12:37 PM12:42 PM12:48 PM12:56 PM
1:00 PM1:07 PM1:12 PM1:18 PM1:26 PM
1:30 PM1:37 PM1:42 PM1:48 PM1:56 PM
2:30 PM2:37 PM2:42 PM2:48 PM2:56 PM
3:00 PM3:07 PM3:12 PM3:18 PM3:26 PM
3:30 PM3:37 PM3:42 PM3:48 PM3:56 PM
4:00 PM4:07 PM4:12 PM4:18 PM4:26 PM
4:30 PM4:37 PM4:42 PM4:48 PM4:56 PM
5:00 PM5:07 PM5:12 PM5:18 PM5:26 PM
5:30 PM5:37 PM5:42 PM5:48 PM5:56 PM
6:30 PM6:37 PM6:40 PM6:45 PM6:52 PM
7:30 PM7:37 PM7:40 PM7:45 PM7:52 PM
8:30 PM8:37 PM8:40 PM8:45 PM8:52 PM
9:30 PM9:37 PM9:40 PM9:45 PM9:52 PM
10:30 PM10:37 PM10:40 PM10:45 PM10:52 PM

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