91 - McKenzie Br

Eugene Station Bay [G]Franklin at OnyxSpringfield Station Bay [A]Thurston Station Bay [B]Hwy 126 at Thurston RdWaltervilleLeaburgVidaNimrodFinn RockBlue RiverMcKenzie BridgeMcKenzie River Ranger Station
6:00 AM------6:16 AM6:20 AM6:25 AM6:34 AM6:43 AM6:52 AM6:56 AM7:02 AM7:15 AM7:21 AM
8:20 AM------8:36 AM8:40 AM8:45 AM8:54 AM9:03 AM9:12 AM9:16 AM9:22 AM9:35 AM9:41 AM
2:20 PM------2:36 PM2:40 PM2:45 PM2:55 PM3:04 PM3:14 PM3:18 PM3:25 PM*>3:40 PM3:46 PM
5:35 PM+5:43 PM+5:50 PM+6:04 PM6:08 PM6:13 PM6:22 PM6:31 PM6:41 PM6:45 PM6:52 PM*>7:07 PM7:13 PM
* Serves McKenzie River Drive between Blue River and McKenzie Bridge. See limited-trip routing on map.
+ Limited stops between Eugene Station and Thurston Station. See limited-trips map.
> Does not serve McKenzie River Drive December 1st to March 1st.

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