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No Service Routes

Between COVID-19 and the Holiday Farm Fire, this past year has been extremely difficult for our community. LTD has suspended service to some routes due to health and safety concerns and fluctuations in ridership. For additional information on suspended routes, please see the FAQ below.

Riders are encouraged to check this page and LTD’s Facebook account (@LaneTransit) for updates, or call the LTD Customer Service Center at (541) 687-5555 (1-800-248-3861 or 7-!-1 TTY).


Q: When will LTD restore service on routes suspended due to COVID-19 (Routes 27, 33, 55, 73, 78, 82, & 85)?

A: We don’t anticipating restoring service to non-operating routes until spring at the earliest.
LTD expects that limited levels of service will be added in early May 2021 to the following routes: 33, 55, and 78. Given ongoing safety and ridership concerns, when service on these routes is re-introduced, they may operate a bit differently than they did pre-COVID. Service levels may increase again in fall 2021, but details are uncertain at this time.

Q: How does LTD make decisions about service levels on routes suspended due to COVID-19?

A: With our health-first commitment in mind, LTD monitors ridership daily to ensure we can manage the number of riders on our buses to maintain physical distancing. In order to manage bus occupancy effectively, we have had to focus our limited resources on ensuring that we have enough trips on our high-ridership routes to reduce overloading. As a result, we have temporarily suspended service along other routes. While recognizing the need for mobility in these areas, LTD must make difficult decisions in order to serve the community in the safest possible ways with uncertain revenues and limited resources.

Q: When will LTD restore service on the Route 91, suspended due to the Holiday Farm Fire?

A: LTD will welcome back riders to the Route 91 on Sunday, January 24. The weekday 6:20 a.m. departure from Eugene Station will change to 7:20 a.m. This route will not serve Blue River Drive or McKenzie River Drive at this time. Due to safety concerns, the bus will pick up and drop off only at designated stops with a pole and LTD bus stop sign. Buses may experience delays due to ongoing cleanup.  For more information click HERE

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