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No Service Routes

Between COVID-19 and the Holiday Farm Fire, this past year has been extremely difficult for our community. LTD has suspended service to some routes due to health and safety concerns and fluctuations in ridership. For additional information on suspended routes, please see the FAQ below.

Riders are encouraged to check this page and LTD’s Facebook account (@LaneTransit) for updates, or call the LTD Customer Service Center at (541) 687-5555 (1-800-248-3861 or 7-!-1 TTY).


Q: When will LTD restore service on routes suspended due to COVID-19 (Routes 27, 33, 55, 73, 78, 82, & 85)?
A: Given ongoing safety and ridership concerns, when service on these routes is re-introduced, they may operate a bit differently than they did pre-COVID. Limited levels of service were added to Route 33 on June 27, 2021, to Route 55 on September 7, 2021, and Routes 82 and 85 on September 26, 2021, in time for the start of fall term at UO/LCC. Service levels may increase again in summer 2022, but details are uncertain at this time. No Service until further notice on routes 27, 73, and 78.

Q: How does LTD make decisions about service levels on routes suspended due to COVID-19?

A: With the lifting of physical distancing requirements, LTD is now operating buses at full passenger capacity. While recognizing the need for mobility in these areas, LTD must make difficult decisions in order to serve the community in the safest possible ways with uncertain revenues and limited resources. 

Q: When will LTD restore service on Route 91, suspended due to the Holiday Farm Fire?

A: As of March 22, 2021, LTD resumed full service for Route 91. LTD had previously welcomed back riders with modified bus service on Sunday, January 24. Route 91 passengers need to be aware of the following:
  • Passengers may flag down the bus between designated stops, but bus operators will use discretion to determine if if they can safely stop the bus on solid ground, completely off the highway, and on a straight-away not near a curve.
  • Buses may experience delays due to ongoing cleanup.

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