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Employer Transporation Coordinator (ETC)

Welcome to the Point2point Employer Transportation Coordinator (ETC) page!

This is your one stop resource for finding out the latest information on transportation options resources for your fellow employees.

Our website contains information on using transit, carpooling, the emergency ride home program, vanpools, the locations of the Regional Park & Rides, biking and walking information, locations of carshare vehicles, and fun events like the annual Business Commute Challenge.

As an ETC, you are helping your co-workers save money on their commute costs, while helping our region improve air quality and reduce congestion.

What does an ETC do?

  1. Promotes Transit, Biking, Carpooling, Vanpooling, Walking, Telecommuting, and Alternate work hours to your employees.
  2. Serves as the cheerleader or one who can answer questions from employees who may need more information on how using transportation options can benefit them.

Point2point is here to help your organization with all your travel needs. We offer:

  1. One-on-one coaching on how to get your co-workers excited and engaged in transportation option choices.
  2. Employee “Dot Maps” (confidential) that show where employees live to encourage carpooling.
  3. Assistance with implementation of priority carpool and vanpool parking at your facility.
  4. Point2point staff can attend benefit fairs or special events at your worksite to share information on available transportation options in the region.
  5. Customized transportation surveys for your employees

If you are a current ETC or would like to become a new ETC at your workplace, we want to help you. Please call us at: 541-682-6213 or email us at: point2point@ltd.org.