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making it easier to find safe, affordable, and planet-friendly ways to get from point 2 point

For Schools

Teens with bike at EmX station

The Schoolsolutions program provides families with fun, safe, and healthy ways to get to school through carpool, walking, biking, and transit.

  • Are you looking for a carpool, walking school bus, or bike train? Use our SchoolPool with Drive Less Connect to find a partner.
  • In addition, we partner with the Eugene-Springfield Safe Routes to School Program to help promote walking and biking to school through Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Evaluation, and Engineering.
  • Are you ready to walk to school, but unsure of which route to take? Check out our walking route maps to find a safe and convenient route to school.
  • The bus can be a great alternative when walking and biking are not options. Schoolsolutions can help you plan your trips to and from school. Even better, on Lane Transit District (LTD) buses youth (ages 6-18) travel for half fare. Now you can purchase passes online! Monthly passes and Three month passes are available for youth ages 6-18. Ten Ride Ticket Books provide bus fare for youth ages 6-18 in those "just in case" scenarios. Keep them in your child's backpack for whenever they need them.

For questions regarding our Schoolsolutions program please contact
Gilly Garber-Yonts
phone: 541-682-6112
fax: 541-682-6111