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Transit Tomorrow Proposal 2 - On Hold

The Transit Tomorrow project has been put on hold by the LTD Board of Directors. Staff is not working on or expending resources on this project.

This design alternative of the Transit Tomorrow network was developed by LTD staff and intended to be shared with the LTD Board of Directors as a possible alternative for the Transit Tomorrow project. However, with the urgent need to pivot our focus and resources toward managing the system under the COVID-19 pandemic, the LTD Board took formal action to place the project on hold. 

As LTD has received requests to review the alternative by members of the public, this document serves to provide that opportunity. This alternative, along with all of Transit Tomorrow, will remain on hold until further direction is given by the LTD Board. This is neither an active project nor a design consideration. 

This document includes a map of the design alternative, developed by staff in February, and was intended to be shared with the LTD Board in March 2020.

Download System Proposal 2 Map

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