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A Lane Transit District bus stop sign on a white post. Trees in the background with no leaves on a clear blue skied day.

Proposed Changes to Routes 17 and 18

LTD is exploring potential changes to Routes 17 and 18 and we want to hear from you. If approved, the route changes would go into effect in fall 2022. These changes would provide our riders with better access to shopping, hospitals, schools, and recreation in Springfield. Review the proposed map below and send your comments to LTD@LTD.org.

What this could mean for you

Route 17 - Easier access to WinCo, Walmart and McKenzie Willamette Medical Center
Route 18 - Easier access to Fred Meyer
Both - More frequent service with bidirectional route design. Bidirectional routing means less time waiting for the bus and more seamless connections to key destinations, such as local schools, Fred Meyer, Mohawk Marketplace, WinCo, Wal-Mart, RiteAid and McKenzie Willamette Medical Center.

Map Proposal_17-18_Fall 2022

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