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Ads on LTD are three-dimensional, real--and really big--objects in the real world. They are hard to ignore. Your customers can't just flip the page or go make a sandwich when one of your ads goes by!

Transit advertising typically costs much less per impression than television, radio, newspaper, or billboards—as little as $.003. That's about one-third of the cost of radio ads and one-sixth the cost of television and newspaper ads.

Small businesses are welcome; you don't need to spend a lot to see results. Launch your campaign for as little as $135, and expect as many as 30,000 impressions. You choose the size of the canvas and the amount of time your ad will be displayed, with intervals as short as one month. Most displays can be posted quickly . . . within two weeks of approval. You can even keep your displays stored when your campaign is over and use them at a later date.

To begin advertising on LTD, contact Lamar Advertising:

Bryan Anderson
Transit Market Manager
Phone: (541) 686-8400

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