2017 West Eugene Service Redesign

Recommended Service Changes for September 17, 2017:

West Eugene Service Redesign - Overview - Recommended 2017-03-20

EmX - West Eugene Emerald Express (EmX) service begins providing a one-seat ride connecting west Eugene to downtown, UO, Springfield, and Gateway

Route 32 - W 1st:  Being replaced by the new Route 93-Veneta.


Route 36 - W 18th:  Outbound trip will end at Willow Creek (Walmart) providing greater connectivity to Routes 41-Barger, 93-Veneta, and West 11th EmX


Route 41 - Hwy 99/Willow Creek:  Would serve Eugene Station to Willow Creek (Walmart) via Barger; connect at Walmart (Willow Creek) with the West 11th EmX; increase the ability to connect with Routes 93-Veneta, 36-West 18th and the West 11th EmX; incorporate Route 43 into new redesign of Route 41 and EmX to provide better connectivity and better frequency on West 11th and to remove redundant service


Route 43 - W 11th/Barger:  Being removed since EmX, and Routes 36 & 41 will provide same coverage


Route 55 - North Park:  Eliminating duplicate service on 1st Avenue currently covered by Route 51-Santa Clara and creating new routing over Chambers connecting at Garfield to allow transfers onto the West Eugene EmX and Route 41-Barger. This will reduce travel time to West 11th from River Road and Hwy 99/Barger area


Route 76 - UO/Warren:  Being removed as Route 78 will change to provide same coverage


Route 78 - UO/Seneca:  Incorporate Route 76 into Route 78 and EmX to provide more frequency and better connectivity. Would run every 30 minutes and serve Seneca Station for all trips. Would serve Wilshire/Warren area (currently served by Route 76). Passengers would be able to transfer to the new West 11th EmX at Seneca Station and connect to Route 93-Veneta from Seneca Station


Route 93 - Veneta: Add 2 weekday trips (for a total of 10 trips), one trip on Saturdays (for a total of 3 trips), and introducing Sunday service (2 trips). Plus, the route would begin and end at Seneca Station


Route 28 - Hilyard:  Remove last evening trip to UO and Walnut Stations

Last P.M Departures from Eugene Station:  Final trip for each of the following routes will be outbound only: 12, 13, 24, 28, 36, 40, 41, 51, & 67

West Eugene Service Redesign

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