LTD Sales Outlets

Monthly Passes are available for sale at the following LTD approved sales outlets:


  • LTD Customer Service Center at Eugene Station, 11th Avenue and Willamette Street
  • UO EMU Ticket Office, 13th Avenue and University Street
  • Everyones Market, 5045 Barger Drive
  • Titan Store at LCC main campus, 4000 East 30th Avenue
  • The Duck Store at UO main campus, 895 E. 13th Avenue
  • Participating 7-Eleven Stores:
    • 895 River Road
    • 3821 River Road


  • Los Faroles Taqueria at Springfield Station, 355 South A Street
  • Participating 7-Eleven Stores:
    • 5808 Main Street
    • 1396 Main Street


  • Ray’s Food Place, 25013 Hwy 126

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