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Transit Tomorrow Update

Proposed Service Changes

LTD is seeking input on the implementation of proposed service changes. These proposed changes are the culmination of months of design, public input, and deliberation.

Click here for a map of the proposed transportation network. Individual route maps will be made available in the coming weeks.

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Upcoming public meetings:

Wednesday, November 20, 5:30 p.m. 
LTD Board Room, 3500 East 17th Avenue, Eugene
Off Glenwood Blvd. in Glenwood

Wednesday, December 18, 5:30 p.m.
LTD Board Room, 3500 East 17th Avenue, Eugene
Off Glenwood Blvd. in Glenwood

What is Transit Tomorrow?

Over the past 50 years, LTD’s service has been continuously changing to respond to emerging transportation needs of the community. These have primarily been through relatively small annual adjustments, and have generally served our community and our riders well.

As our community expands and changes, so do our values and needs. Transit Tomorrow is an opportunity to collaborate with the community to take a comprehensive look at our system to design the transit network that will best serve our community today and consider where we are heading in the future. We asked the questions: Do the services provided by LTD still reflect the community’s priorities? Is our system performing and delivering the best service to meet the goals of the community?

Since the conversation began in 2018, more than 62,000 local residents have participated in Transit Tomorrow through public meetings, media outreach, print materials, and online engagement. The conversation focused around finding the appropriate balance between investing resources to provide frequent bus service in areas where the most people are likely to ride (ridership); or prioritize service to reach as many neighborhoods and commercial areas as possible.

After careful consideration, in August 2019, based on community input, the LTD Board of Directors voted unanimously to focus our resources to provide frequent bus service making the system more useful, understanding that in order to accomplish this some areas of our communities may lose existing service.

Next Steps

LTD will continue our conversation with the community between now and early 2020, welcoming input on the proposed changes and implementation. LTD plans a phased implementation to allow for a smooth transition. As early as Summer 2020, implementation of the adopted transit network changes will begin and continue in a phased manner over the next two to three years to provide those who are impacted by the changes an opportunity to find alternative transportation options.

As the decision on service implementation will be made by the LTD Board in February, LTD will be providing information to riders and the public about specific route changes on this website. Project history including presentations and documents can be accessed in the Project Library

Updated: October 18, 2019

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