2017 West Eugene Service Redesign

West Eugene Service Redesign - Overview - Proposed 2017-02-09

survey-button Service enhancements now under consideration will go into effect this September with the launch of the new West Eugene bus rapid transit line. This will be the third service expansion by LTD since 2015, supported by employers and area businesses through the payroll tax.

Part of delivering high-quality public transportation service is a process in which transit routes are evaluated for efficiency and effectiveness on a yearly basis. Input from riders, staff experts, and the general public plays a critical role in developing a proposal that improves the system for the entire community. Staff will collect and evaluate all information received through an eight week public input process, and a public hearing will be held on March 15 with the LTD Board of Directors. Any additional input received thereafter will be presented to the LTD Board in April.

LTD values public input.  To learn about the proposed enhancements and share your thoughts, click here.

Public Input Events

Proposed Service Changes for September 17, 2017:

EmX - West Eugene Emerald Express (EmX) service begins providing a one-seat ride connecting west Eugene to downtown, UO, Springfield, and Gateway

Route 32 - W 1st:  Being replaced by the new Route 93-Veneta.


Route 36 - W 18th:  Outbound trip will end at Willow Creek (Walmart) providing greater connectivity to Routes 41-Barger, 93-Veneta, and West 11th EmX


Route 41 - Hwy 99/Willow Creek:  Would serve Eugene Station to Willow Creek (Walmart) via Barger; connect at Walmart (Willow Creek) with the West 11th EmX; serve Avalon and Legacy for all trips; increase the ability to connect with Routes 93-Veneta, 36-West 18th and the West 11th EmX; incorporate Route 43 into new redesign of Route 41 and EmX to provide better connectivity and better frequency on West 11th and to remove redundant service


Route 43 - W 11th/Barger:  Being removed since EmX, and Routes 36 & 41 will provide same coverage


Route 55 - North Park:  Eliminating duplicate service on 1st Avenue currently covered by Route 51-Santa Clara and creating new routing over Chambers connecting at Garfield to allow transfers onto the West Eugene EmX and Route 41-Barger. This will reduce travel time to West 11th from River Road and Hwy 99/Barger area


Route 76 - UO/Warren:  Being removed as Route 78 will change to provide same coverage


Route 78 - UO/Seneca:  Incorporate Route 76 into Route 78 and EmX to provide more frequency and better connectivity. Would run every 30 minutes and serve Seneca Station for all routes. Would serve Wilshire/Warren area (currently served by Route 76). Passengers would be able to transfer to the new West 11th EmX at Seneca Station and connect to Route 93-Veneta from Seneca Station


Route 93 - Veneta: Add 2 weekday trips (for a total of 10 trips), one trip on Saturdays (for a total of 3 trips), and introducing Sunday service (2 trips). Plus, the route would begin and end at Seneca Station


Route 28 - Hilyard:  Remove last evening trip to UO and Walnut Stations

Last P.M Departures from Eugene Station:  Final trip for each of the following routes will be outbound only: 12, 13, 24, 28, 36, 40, 41, 51, & 67

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