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What Drives Us

At Lane Transit District we are driven by the people we serve, providing independence to those in our community.  A community is at its best when we have access to the places and services that are important to us all.  Every year, millions of riders depend on us to get to work, go to school, make it to medical appointments, or for a stress-free ride to the game.  To learn more about what drives us, watch the video below.

It all started with asking Why?

At Lane Transit District, we asked our community why we do what we do.  What we heard is summarized like this:

In all that we do, we are committed to creating a more connected, sustainable, and equitable community.


Organizational values are the guiding principles that represent how we – as individuals and as a team – behave on our way to the future.

As a way to ensure the success of Lane Transit District and because we care, we hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable for living and demonstrating our six core values:


We honor and dignify all individuals by listening intently to their unique contributions and needs — treating others with trust, care, kindness, and courtesy


We hold all that we say and do to a high standard of honesty, stewardship, ethics, fairness, and compassion.


We persist in applying resourcefulness, creativity, and new technology alongside known best practices to best serve our community. 


We commit to listening, learning, and including voices from the diverse identities and abilities of our employees and our community — and we take care to consider how our decision-making processes address historic inequities in transportation.


We create a safe environment for our employees, customers, and community – and are always willing to reach out to help, support, and assist others in ways that are safe to all involved. 


We demonstrate cooperation and excellent team behaviors when working with others — both internally and with our partners in the District — by focusing on common purpose and win-win outcomes.

Learn more about the process we used to develop our Mission, Vision and Values by viewing our Strategic Business Plan.

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