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The RideSource Call Center represents a new way of arranging transportation for people in Lane County who receive Medicaid benefits through the Oregon Health Plan. Medicaid transportation call centers are operating successfully throughout Oregon. The RideSource Call Center builds upon the existing coordinated transportation system in Lane County. It groups other human services transportation with the Medicaid rides as a way to improve how the available transportation and financial resources in our area for these services are managed.

What is a transportation call center?
A call center is the service contracted to provide screening and authorization for non-emergency medical transportation for people who are eligible under the Medicaid (through OHP Plus) program. Call centers subcontract with transportation providers and, in general, coordinate transportation services. The RideSource Call Center will serve Lane County and will take on the Medicaid medical transportation trips that previously have been handled through Senior & Disabled Services. 

The RideSource Call Center will arrange and schedule trips for a large group of consumers who use a number of different programs in Lane County.  The RideSource Call Center’s goal is to provide more efficient and cost effective transportation for people who are eligible for Medicaid, for transportation required under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other human services programs serving older adults and people with disabilities.

How does the RideSource Call Center work?
When a person needs an eligible ride, he or she calls the RideSource Call Center. Call Center staff will verify eligibility for programs and services and then determine the transportation resources available. The Center will assign the trip to the most cost-efficient and appropriate provider for that trip.

The Call Center has agreements with local transportation providers.  The Center acts as the individual’s single point of access, creating a “one-call” shop with one number to call to arrange for different transportation needs.

How is a rider’s eligibility for Medicaid transportation determined?
Eligibility will be determined utilizing the same criteria as has always been done:
• Is the rider eligible for transportation benefits under Medicaid (OHP Plus)?
• Is the trip for a required, Oregon Health Plan Plus eligible service?
• Is the trip within the service area?
• Does the rider have no other means of transportation to and from the service?

How is a rider’s eligibility for a particular form of Medicaid transportation determined?
The RideSource Call Center staff determines the most appropriate, cost-efficient method of transportation that meets the rider’s needs.
• Can the rider ride the bus?
• Does the bus have stops near the rider’s home and his or her Medicaid-eligible destination?
• Are there factors that affect/prevent the rider from using the bus?
• If the bus is not appropriate, what mode of transportation would be (i.e., sedan, wheelchair accessible vehicle, stretcher car, etc.)?

If I am a private transportation provider, how can provide rides to Medicaid clients?
Transportation providers will have the opportunity to contract with the RideSource Call Center to provide rides to Medicaid clients.

RideSource Call Center Hours
The Call Center is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm to pre-authorize and schedule medical transportation. It is helpful if rides are requested at least 48 hours in advance. The Call Center can schedule same day urgent medical rides on a case by case basis. The Call Center may deny transportation if a client delays scheduling his or her ride until the day of the medical appointment. If the client will not be going directly home after the appointment (for example, needs to go to the pharmacy or a therapist), the client (or facility) must contact the Call Center to have that extra stop pre-authorized.

It is very important when requesting transportation to give as much information as possible to the Call Center customer service representative to ensure the most appropriate mode of transportation is scheduled. If a client in a wheelchair can transfer independently in and out of a vehicle, a taxi may be the most appropriate mode of transport. If the client is not able to transfer, a wheelchair-accessible van would be scheduled. If the client requires oxygen during transport, the client must be able to provide and handle its administration. At no time will a medical transportation provider administer or provide oxygen to a client.

After Hours (before 8am and after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends and holidays).
If a client needs transportation during the times the Call Center is closed, appropriate transportation provider phone numbers will be available on the Call Center’s primary number recorded message and  may be called to provide transportation for a Medicaid/OHP+ client. The transportation provider is required to inform the Call Center of any after-hours rides.

Call Center Contact Information.
Client Telephone Numbers: (541) 682-5566 or (877) 800-9899 toll free
7-1-1 (TTY)

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