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Bring Your Bike on the Bus!

 Rules for Riding the Bus

 Boarding the Bus with a
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 Bring Your Bike on the Bus!



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How to Take Your Bike on the Bus

Getting On the Bus

  1. All LTD buses have bike racks on the front of the bus. Step from the curb to the front of the bus to load your bike.
  2. Pull the handle (located on the middle-top of the bike rack) to release the rack from its upright position. (There are instructions on the rack itself and on the front of the bus.)
  3. Lift your bike onto the bike rack, fitting the wheels into the wheel slots. (Each slot is labeled for the front and rear wheel.)
  4. Raise the support arm and place the hook over the front tire close to the fork. For BMX-style bikes, place the support arm over the bike's frame.

Getting Off the Bus

  1. As you approach your bus stop, let the bus operator know that you will be unloading your bike.
  2. Be sure to use the front door to exit the bus.
  3. Raise the support arm up and off the tire.
  4. Lift your bike out of the rack.
  5. Return the rack back to its upright position if there are no other bikes loaded and if no other people need to use it at the bus stop.
  6. Step away from the bus with your bike, hop on, and ride!


  • Bus operators provide quality service to LTD customers. Your help in quickly loading and unloading your bike will ensure that this quality service is maintained.
  • It is your responsibility to load and unload your bike. Bus operators cannot assist you.
  • Remove any bike attachments that may interfere with the operation of bus safety equipment. Bikes that do not properly fit in the rack will not be transported.
  • LTD can refuse bike rack service to customers who abuse the service. (A warning will be given prior to denial of service.)
  • Only use designated bike racks for locking your bike at bus stops. Do not use LTD bus stop poles.
  • On rural routes, two bikes are allowed inside the bus. Customersmust secure bikes in the wheelchair areas, and they are required to deboard if a customer needs the wheelchair area.

How to Load Your Bike on EmX

1. Check to see if there is room.
As the EmX vehicle approaches, scan the bus to see if there is room on board. Up to three bikes are permitted on the vehicle. If it is too crowded to board safely, you will need to wait for the next bus.

2. Let other riders board first.
Wait for other riders to exit and enter the bus before you board.

3. Board through the door with the bike symbol.
Designated bike spaces are located inside the left rear door of each EmX bus. Only board EmX through doors displayed below:

EmX schematic

If other riders are occupying the area displaying the bike symbol, you may politely request that they move from the area so that you can store your bike.

Important reminders

  • Bikes are allowed on EmX only if there is room, so if all bike spaces are full or if the vehicle is too crowded to board safely, you must wait for the next EmX vehicle. Consider taking your trip before or after rush hour, parking your bike at the station, or using a compact folding bike instead.
  • Always yield priority seating areas to seniors and people with disabilities.
  • No part of your bike should block the stairwells or aisles.
  • Maintain control of your bike and take care not to brush it against others. Do not use a kickstand. Keep your bike as clean as possible.
  • If you have a collapsed folding bike, you may store it under your seat. Please don't block the aisles with your collapsed bike.
  • Children under the age of 12 bringing bikes on EmX must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Always walk your bike in station areas, transit centers, and pedestrian corridors.

For more information, call LTD Customer Service at 541-687-5555 (7-1-1 TTY).

Bicycle Maps

Download a Eugene Bicycling Map Here (5.3 PDF)

Download a Springfield Bicycling Map Here (2.4 PDF)

Download Eugene's Willamette River Trail System Map Here (4.8 PDF)

Lane County Bicycle Maps Now Available

The new, full-color Lane County Bicycle Map is available for $3.00 from Lane County Public Works. The new map includes a variety of helpful information for bicyclists. Traffic volumes, shoulder widths, and steepness of grade for state and county roads are shown on a shaded, relief background. Market locations, parks, and water opportunities are indicated on the map, along with full-color photos of points of interest and cycling activities. Other map features include a resource list, bicycle safety tips, rules of the road, common accidents to avoid, and items of interest, such as lodging, weather, mountain biking, and touring information.

In addition, the map features 11 selected routes with individual mini-maps and terrain profiles that show elevations from the route's start to finish. Stop by Lane County Public Works and pick up a map, or send your mailing address and a check for $3.00 payable to Lane County Public Works to: Lane County Public Works, Bicycle Map, 3040 North Delta Highway, Eugene, OR 97408-1696. Maps also are available at local bike shops, sporting goods' stores, and bookstores. For more information, call 541-682-6900 or fax 541-682-8994.

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