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Snow /Ice Service

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Look for the snowflake symbol in the Riderís Digest to see which routes may be detoured or not wheelchair accessible when the roads become slippery.

Itís that time of year again; temperatures are dropping, and snow and ice could be in the forecast. LTD is prepared for inclement weather, and the safety of our customers is paramount in planning and implementing the service changes.


Up-to-the-minute information will be available on Twitter, and LTDís website will be updated at least hourly with the latest service changes. Local news media also will be kept informed.


When winter weather hits, LTD will evaluate how far a bus can safely travel and will make every attempt to serve as much of each route as possible. Bus routes that may be on detours will return to regular routing as soon as weather permits.


Click here for a list of snow detours



The objectives of the Snow/Ice Service are:

  • Reduce the number of LTD vehicles that become stuck or stranded during a severe winter storm.

  • Reduce the risk of injury to LTD customers and employees during a severe winter storm.

  • Allow LTD to maintain reliable service on a core network of major roads throughout the city.

Things to Know

  • When roads and traffic are affected by ice, snow, or other emergencies, LTD buses may be delayed or detoured.
  • If buses are detoured due to snow and ice, the routing will avoid hills and unplowed roads.
    Wait for the bus at a bus stop on a cleared street or at a transit station.
  • Detour information will be posted on the front page of the LTD website, Facebook, and Twitter, and the local news media will be kept informed. 
  • Customers should monitor traffic and weather reports for road conditions that could delay buses in the areas they plan to travel.

Tips for Riding the Bus in Snowy and Icy Weather

  • When snow and ice are on the road, plan to board or exit buses at bus stops on major, cleared streets; at a transit station; or at other major transfer locations.

  • Expect schedule delays. Arrival and departure information at bus stops is usually not available during adverse conditions. Use the scheduled time as a guide, go to a major transfer location, and be prepared for delays.

  • Monitor and refresh the LTD website frequently, and check Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date service information.

Snow/Ice Updates

 Up-to-the-minute information will be available on Twitter, and LTDís website will be updated at least hourly with the latest service changes. Local news media also will be kept informed or call 541-687-5555 (7-1-1 TTY).

For up-to-the-minute LTD route information, listen to the following radio stations:







1120 AM

590 AM

94.5 FM

89.7 FM

93.3 FM


Accessibility DuringSnow and Ice Conditions

Bus Stops: During snow and ice, bus operators may determine whether a bus stop is unsafe to stop or deploy the lift.  Example: On steep, hilly, icy streets, it may be unsafe to stop the bus.  If the stop is not clear of snow, customers with disabilities may wait for the bus at a cleared sidewalk or driveway near the bus stop. 

Snow Van Service:  The snow vans are not lift-equipped.  LTD customers with disabilities who live in snow van neighborhoods may use RideSource for transportation when LTD operates snow and ice detours. Customers who use a mobility device who want to board the snow van but need lift assistance may call RideSource at 541-682-5566 for service.

RideSource:  RideSource provides curb-to-curb, accessible transportation for customers who are unable to use LTD buses due to a disability. Typically during periods of extreme snow and ice the ďpath of travelĒ needed to get to and from a bus stop becomes inaccessible.  LTD customers who use a mobility device who are unable to get to their bus stop because of snow (including those who live in areas served by LTDís snow van service) can use RideSource during periods of extreme winter weather marked by snow and ice conditions.

RideSource operates a fleet of accessible buses and vans. RideSource may be able to pick up a customer at their home or at a nearby area cleared of snow. The customer will be transported to the nearest LTD transit station, where they can transfer to an LTD accessible bus.
To request a ride, LTD customers should try to contact RideSource at least 24 hours in advance. Given the nature of winter weather, this isnít always practical. Same-day requests during snow and ice are accommodated on a space-available basis.

  541-682-5566 (voice) or 7-1-1 (TTY)

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