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EmX Subway Map 2017-07-28

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Extending EmX in west Eugene is part of community effort to enhance transportation and safe multi-modal travel along West 6th, West 7th and West 11th corridors. The new 5-mile stretch benefits transit users, bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists. Service runs seven days a week, mostly every 10 minutes on weekdays and 15 to 30 minutes on weekends.

Using EmX is easy. Purchase your ticket at any EmX station. Watch for the green bus. Board the bus and take a seat. Let the driver know where you want off by pulling the cord or pushing the red button.

EmX Schedule and Map

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Features of the New EmX Corridor

  • Improved intersections with two new signalized pedestrian crossings
  • Improved street lighting for safety
  • 5 miles of rebuilt and new sidewalks
  • Curb cut-outs at cross walks to safely accommodate mobility devices
  • 3 bicycle-pedestrian bridges for improved access between West 11th, the Fern Ridge Path and surrounding neighborhoods
  • 200 more trees planted
  • Many rain gardens and water filtration systems for cleaner storm water run off
  • 26 covered bus shelters with seating and customer information
  • Public art by regional artists integrated throughout the line

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Beginning Sept. 17, you must pull the cord or push the red button to request your stop.

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