2018 Proposed Fall Bid Service Changes

Steps to Adoption

Public comment period begins May 7 
2018 Service Review Summary published on website May 7
Public Comment at Public Hearing May 16
Public comment period closes  June 20 
Service changes adopted at Board Meeting June 20 
New Service Starts Sept. 16

2018 Service Review Summary

This fall, LTD will implement schedule changes on some of its bus routes. This is part of the District’s effort to create more efficient and sustainable service while matching the needs of the community to the resources available.

LTD regularly monitors its service performance. Efficiency is measured in terms of passenger boardings per hour. Most of LTD’s routes have a strong operating performance. However, some individual trips have low usage and are therefore under consideration for adjustments. Changes that are being considered include changes to frequency of service and trip adjustments, which may result in changes to the schedule. 

As part of a larger effort to create the most efficient transit system possible, LTD is conducting a Comprehensive Operations Analysis, which will look at LTD’s operations and service and identify system-wide adjustments that will allow LTD to continue to provide excellent service, sustain that service and meet the needs of the community. 

The following recommendations for fall service adjustments are being proposed:

EmX – The Springfield Station to Eugene Station to Commerce segment would maintain current 10 minute service. The Gateway to Springfield Station segment could move to 15 minute service to better align with current demand. Evening and weekend EmX service would remain on the current schedule. 


Route 11 – Thurston
- The route could be straightened by eliminating going through Thurston Station inbound and making frequency changes to adjust to new EmX connections on all days. Several low-performing trips could be removed and timepoints could change throughout the route.  


Route 12 - Gateway
- Could change weekday schedule times on four trips so they would meet up with the departure times of other routes (pulse times) at Eugene Station.

Proposed Schedule Changes

Route 27 – Fairmount - Frequency could change from 30 to 60 minutes on weekdays, removing less productive, low-demand trips. Some of these trips include two morning trips and several evening trips.

Proposed Schedule Changes

Route 28 – Hilyard - Weekday frequency could change to maintain 30 minute service and remove less productive, low-demand trips such as two partial trips in the morning. 

Proposed Schedule Changes

Route 33 – Jefferson - Frequency could change from 30 to 60 minutes on weekdays for less productive trips. Peak-time trips, which occur during the hours of 7:45 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. would remain at 30 minutes. 

Proposed Schedule Changes

Route 41 – Barger/Commerce - Service frequency changes during weekday could remove less productive, low-demand afternoon trips. Highly utilized morning and early evening service would remain unchanged.

Proposed Schedule Changes

Route 51 – Santa Clara - Routing change from 5th Avenue to 10th Avenue would serve senior housing. 


Route 55 – North Park
- Weekday frequency could change slightly by removing two low-demand trips. 

Proposed Schedule Changes

Route 73 – UO/Willamette - Frequency service changes on weekdays to maintain 30 minute service and remove underutilized trips.

Proposed Schedule Changes

Route 78 – UO/Seneca - Weekday frequency could change from 30 to 60 minutes in response to low-demand and could decrease costly idle time on the route. 

Proposed Schedule Changes

Route 79x – UO/Kinsrow - Frequency could change to remove less productive trips on weekdays.

Proposed Schedule Changes

Route 81 – LCC/Harris - Could change to 60 minute frequency on weekdays to meet demand. Routing could change from Harris to Hilyard to straighten the route and eliminate a difficult turn onto 30th Avenue. Route name would change to LCC/Hilyard to reflect new routing. 


Route 82 – LCC/Pearl
- Frequency could change from 10 to 20 minutes and 20 to 30 minutes on weekdays based on demand, which would increase productivity on the remaining trips by combining underutilized trips with more productive trips. 

Proposed Schedule Changes

Route 85 – LCC/Springfield - Weekday frequency changes could change from 30 to 60 minutes during off-peak times during the middle of the day.

Proposed Schedule Changes

Route 95 - Junction City - Could combine the last two weekday trips based on demand, and change Saturday service from four to three total trips, which is more consistent with LTD’s other rural transit service. 

Summarized below are other changes that were considered but are not recommended.

Route 98 – Cottage Grove – Routing change would have eliminated the in-town routing through Cottage Grove on weekdays.

UO Football Service – Discontinuing special service to UO football games.

Holiday Service – Possibly remove service on four holidays: New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

The public comment period is open May 7 to June 20, 2018. Input on proposed changes can be made by:

Email: LTD@LTD.org
Phone: 541-687-5555
In Person: May 16 Public Hearing held 3500 E. 17th Ave., or any time during the comment period at LTD’s Administrative Offices (3500 E 17th Ave.) and Customer Service Center (11th & Willamette)
Written: P.O. Box 7070, Springfield, OR 97475

After reviewing and evaluating all public input, the Board will adopt a fall service plan at its June 20 meeting. The fall service change will take effect on September 16, 2018. 

For detailed information, download the document below which provides additional information on the adjustments by route in terms of hours and the FY2019 cost savings related to each of the proposed changes. 

FY2019 Service Adjustment Summary

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