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LTD Half-Fare and Free-Fare Program

LTD offers FREE fare to our Honored Riders - older adults who are 65 years or better. Enroll in LTD's Honored Rider program and claim your free bus pass by visiting the Customer Service Center. A customer service representative will confirm your age with valid identification, then offer you a tap card or benefit code for the Umo Mobility smartphone app. To learn more about electronic fare, visit our Umo Pass webpage for instructions on getting started.

LTD offers Half-Fare to qualifying people with disabilities. In order to establish eligibility for half fare, a person must provide a current, valid Medicare card, or proof of receiving SSI or SSD along with a valid identification. Veterans who receive 50 percent or higher disability benefit are also eligible for Half-Fare. Persons with disabilities who need an accessible accommodation in order to ride the bus may also be eligible for Half-Fare.

Both of these fare programs require a completed application (Half-Fare and Free-Fare Application). Applications must be presented at the LTD Customer Service Center at the Eugene Station on weekdays between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eligible participants will receive an LTD rider card at no charge. These cards are the responsibility of the customer, and if lost or stolen, replacements are available at a charge of $5.

Click to download the Honored Rider, Half-Fare, and Free-Fare Application

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