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In compliance with Oregon public records law, Lane Transit District provides public access to District records.

Lane Transit District (LTD) has been working diligently to improve transparency to the community by making more information available in a convenient electronic manner.  Lane Transit District has two ways to obtain District records.

Online Self-Serve Records Search

In 2018, LTD became a member of the Oregon Records Management System (ORMS), enabling the District to provide community members access to some of the District’s public records at no cost. The volume and types of records available electronically will continue to grow as the project progresses.

For your convenience, pre-set searches have been created for frequently requested records:

Board & Committee Bylaws
Public Meeting Agendas and Meeting Materials
Public Meeting Minutes (Minutes are through September 2021, LTD transitioned from minutes to electronic meeting records in October 2021.)
Public Meeting Audio Recordings

Access the online records database

Public Records Request

In 2020, LTD began utilizing an online public records request portal. This portal will enable streamlined communication and records delivery between LTD and community members requesting records.

Access videos of public meetings and materials at LCOG Metro TV.


Information Management Policy (pdf)
Resolution No. 2020-02-19-009, Information Management Policy Adoption (pdf)
Public Records Request Fee Schedule (pdf)
Public Records Request Fee Reduction/Waiver Form (pdf)
Records Request Denial Petition Form (pdf)

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