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Snow & Ice Information

LTD and Winter Weather

Safety is the District’s first priority, and adjustments may be made to LTD service in order to keep riders and LTD bus operators safe. Use the links below for tips on being prepared for winter weather, safely riding the bus in Snow & Ice conditions, and reading Snow & Ice maps.

Be prepared for winter weather before it arrives

Here are three ways you can prepare for potential snow and ice incidents:

  1. Go to LTD.org, click on the routes you use and see if there is a blue snowflake symbol displayed on the route. This indicates that on snow or ice days, your route could be delayed or detoured. Plan ahead when snow is forecasted and expect delays.
  2. Follow LTD on social media. The LTD website Service Alerts page and social media pages will be updated regularly, and local news sources will be kept informed, as well.
  3. Prepare a grab-and-go bag of snowy day essentials, such as a hat, scarf, gloves, a clip-on light to keep your hands free, and spare socks.

Standard Snow & Ice detour maps are available online or at the Customer Service Center at Eugene Station.

Tips for riding the bus during winter weather

Here are a few tips for riding the bus safely during Snow & Ice conditions: 

  • Stand back from the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop; buses may slide sideways in slippery conditions. Give the driver plenty of notice when signaling for your stop.
  • Buses might not be able to pull all the way over to the curb because of snow and slush. Once the bus is stopped, riders may need to step into the road.
  • Use handrails when getting on and off the bus. Snow can accumulate on the stairs and in the aisle, making them slippery.
  • If an EmX stop is blocked by snow or ice, LTD will make every effort to use an alternate stop as close as possible to the original stop.
  • Expect delays. Chained buses can’t travel more than 25 mph.
  • Dress warmly.
  • Make sure you’re visible.
Where to get real-time updates on detours and delays

LTD will closely monitor road conditions and update our communication channels in real-time.

541-687-5555 (7-1-1-TTY)
LTD Customer Service Center
7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Social Media
@LaneTransit on Twitter/X
Lane Transit District on Facebook
Service alerts are updated frequently.

Service alerts are updated frequently.
Snow & Ice Digest is available for download.

Local radio stations
KPNW 1120 AM
KMGE 94.5 FM
KLCC 89.7 FM
KKNU 93.3 FM

Local TV stations

The FlastAlert system distributes emergency messages, including weather events to local media.


The Snow Flake Symbol

The Snow Flake Symbol on route pages in the Rider’s Guide and LTD.org means the route is likely to be impacted by winter weather. For details on these impacts see the Service Alert page. The maps listed below are the routes most likely to be affected by winter weather. EmX service does not go on snow detour, but may have issues reaching certain stations. If a station is closed, signage will be posted directing you to the nearest stop, which may be temporary.


Reading our Snow & Ice Maps

If a route is detoured, the detour is indicated by a thick blue line. blue-line
If a street is not served, it is indicated by a red dashed line.  red-dashed-line
On some routes, a snow bus will pick up LTD customers and take them to a transfer point, where they can catch another bus. Snow bus service is indicated by a black dashed line.  black-dashed-line
Some routes experience limited trip routing, or fewer trips than usual, as indicated by a thin grey line. thin-grey-line-dashed

Snow Maps

Click below for a PDF of snow maps.

Printable Snow & Ice Digest (pdf)


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