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Snow & Ice Information

LTD and Winter Weather

Lane Transit District buses do not stop running because it’s snowing or icy. However, snow and ice can cause unsafe driving conditions impacting Lane Transit District service. Some routes may be cancelled in severe weather. Safety is the District’s first priority, and adjustments must be made to LTD service in order to keep our riders, and LTD drivers, safe.

The maps listed below are the routes most likely to be affected by winter weather. Route 27 has two detours, one for light snow and one for heavy snow. LTD’s Road Supervisors will make the call for which detour needs to occur based on current road conditions.

Our EmX service does not go on snow detour, but may have issues reaching certain stations. If a station is closed, signage will be posted directing you to the nearest stop, which may be temporary.


The Snow Flake Symbol

The Snow Flake Symbol on route pages in the Rider’s Digest and LTD.org means the route is likely to be impacted by winter weather. For details on these impacts see the Service Alert page.

Other Useful Information

Reading our Snow & Ice Maps

If a route is detoured, the detour is indicated by a thick blue line.
If a street is not served, it is indicated by a red dashed line.
On some routes, a snow bus will pick up LTD customers and take them to a transfer  point, where they can catch another bus. Snow bus service is indicated by a black dashed line.
Some routes experience limited trip routing, or less trips than usual, as indicated by a thin grey line.

Snow Maps - 2019-2020

Click below for PDF of snow maps.

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