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EmX Rider Guide


The Emerald Express (EmX), named after the region’s Emerald Valley, serves the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area and is one of the first BRT systems to operate in the U.S. EmX began in 2007 and now serves 28 system miles, traveling between west Eugene, downtown Eugene, the UO, downtown Springfield, and the Gateway and the RiverBend areas. This service is the backbone of LTD’s public transportation service, carrying 12,000 riders a day* and connecting to other bus routes as well as Park & Ride locations and bicycle-pedestrian pathways.

Recent service enhancements mean many riders can now make more direct crosstown connections, no longer needing to travel into Eugene Station to do so. Designated transfer points provide better connectivity and convenience. 

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*Average weekday, less on Saturdays and Sundays.

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