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Twitter_LogoPairingLockup_LaneTransitLTD’s Service Alert system is maintained to inform you when a detour is going to affect regular service to a specific bus stop or route.  Detours can be the result of construction, weather, a community event, emergency situations, etc.  Every effort is taken to keep the information as up-to-date as possible.  In addition to the service alerts found on each route page, LTD publishes the alerts in real-time on Twitter.  To learn more about setting up a Twitter notification, click here. Twitter-Credits
Understanding Service Alert Symbols

Watch for these service alert symbols; red exclamation mark means Attention!; green lowecase i means Information; orange construction cone means Construction; blue snow flake means snow route

Each symbol corresponds with a different type of alert. The following is a summary of what each of the symbols means:

The red exclamation point, or “Attention!” symbol, indicates an urgent or significant notice of which riders should be aware.

The Information symbol, a green circle with a lowercase “i” in the middle, indicates helpful information for a rider to know, but is less urgent than the “Attention!” symbol.

The orange Construction symbol with a cone in the middle indicates intermittent stop closures, likely due to construction or road closures.

The Snow Route symbol, a blue circle with a snowflake, indicates that a route may be detoured or canceled due to inclement weather. If your route has a snowflake symbol, please take a moment to review its Snow & Ice detour map in advance to determine which stops may not be served during severe winter weather.

Current Detours

Below is a list of the current detours impacting regular bus service.  If your route is not listed here, no detour is in place at this time.

  • Saturday Market Detour - Routes 12, 13, 40, 66, 91, 95, and 96
    Due to the Saturday Market, Routes 12, 13, 40, 66, 91, 95, and 96 will not be able to serve bus stops on Oak St. between 11th and 5th Ave. on Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For buses leaving Eugene Station, use alternate stops on High Street. For buses arriving at Eugene Station, use alternate stops on Pearl Street.
  • EmGo - Service Canceled Until Further Notice
    EmGo services are canceled until further notice.

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