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LTD makes every attempt to inform customers of construction detours as soon as we have the information. When routes require a detour, LTD makes every attempt to serve as much of the route as possible and return to regular routing as soon as conditions allow.  In addition to this page, the specifics of each detour can also be found on each route page affected.
  • Route 78 - Construction Detour Changes Near 18th & Oak Patch
    UPDATED 11/8, 8:09 AM: The detour for Route 78 has changed. Regular outbound service from the UO Station to the Warren/Wilshire loop has resumed serving the bus stops on Oak Patch Road. Inbound Route 78 continues to detour and will not be able to serve the 3 bus stops on Oak Patch Road from 11th to 18th Avenues, nor the bus stop on 18th Avenue east of Hawkins Lane in front of the Park & Ride at Willamette Christian Center.

     For continued service, use one of the following locations to board the bus: 
    • Board EmX at Oak Patch Station on 11th Avenue; 
    • Board Routes 36 or 78 at stops on 18th Avenue east of City View Street; 
    • Park at the Seneca Park & Ride on West 11th Avenue next to Fred Meyer; 
    • Board Route 78 on the north side of 11th Avenue west of Tyinn Street; 
    • Cross Oak Patch Road and board northbound Route 78 to ride the Warren/Wilshire loop.
  • Route 28 – Stop on Hilyard at 32nd Ave Closed During Construction
    UPDATED 11/16, 3:20 PM: During construction which is expected to last until September 2018, inbound Route 28 will not be able to serve the bus stop on Hilyard Street north of 32nd Avenue. For continued service towards UO Station, use the temporary bus stop on Hilyard Street south of 30th Avenue.
  • Route 85 – Long-Term Detour Due to Franklin Blvd. Construction
    UPDATED 9/27, 4:10 PM: Inbound regular service on Route 85 from LCC to Springfield Station has resumed during construction. Outbound service towards LCC on Route 85 is still on detour and will not serve the bus stop on Old Franklin Blvd./McVay Highway between South A and 19th Streets. For continued service towards LCC, use the bus stops on Old Franklin Blvd./McVay Highway south of 19th Avenue.
  • Route 91 – McKenzie River Drive Winter Service Notice
    Starting Friday, December 1, 2017, Route 91 will not serve any of the bus stops on McKenzie River Drive during the winter months. Service to these stops will resume March 1, 2018. During this time, use the bus stops on Highway 126
  • Route 91 Real-Time Notice
    Due to limited cellular communications east of Springfield, bus arrival time and status may not be reported correctly on the website’s real-time map. Refer to Route 91 timetables and plan to arrive at your bus stop in advance.

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