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Twitter_LogoPairingLockup_LaneTransitLTD’s Service Alert system is maintained to inform you when a detour is going to affect regular service to a specific bus stop or route.  Detours can be the result of construction, weather, a community event, emergency situations, etc.  Every effort is taken to keep the information as up-to-date as possible.  In addition to the service alerts found on each route page, LTD publishes the alerts in real-time on Twitter.  To learn more about setting up a Twitter notification, click here. Twitter-Credits
  • Route 98 - Bohemia Mining Days Parade Detour
    Due to the parade on Saturday, July 21 at 10:00 AM, Route 98 will be on detour in Cottage Grove. The morning bus will not be able to serve any of the bus stops on 10th Street, Taylor Avenue, or 6th Street. Depending on when the parade ends, the bus may not be able to serve any of the stops on Main Street or Whiteaker Avenue from 9th Street to Mosby Creek Road. For guaranteed service to Eugene, use the bus stop near Walmart.
  • Route 51 – Detour on Spring Creek Drive Due to Construction
    Construction on Spring Creek Drive is expected to start on Monday, July 16. During construction, Inbound Route 51 will not be able to serve the bus stop on Spring Creek Drive west of Scottdale Street. This detour is expected to last about two weeks. For continued service towards Eugene Station, use the bus stop on Spring Creek Drive east of Berry Lane.
  • Route 28 - Intermittent Stop Closures on West Amazon Drive
    Starting immediately, due to utility preparation for construction on West Amazon Drive, outbound Route 28 may not be able to serve the bus stops on West Amazon Drive between 36th Place and Martin Street. Stop closures will be intermittent when work crews block a particular location. Plan extra time to board the bus at the next stop either north or south of the closed stop.
  • Route 28 – Stop on Hilyard at 32nd Ave Closed During Construction
    UPDATED 11/16, 3:20 PM: During construction which is expected to last until September 2018, inbound Route 28 will not be able to serve the bus stop on Hilyard Street north of 32nd Avenue. For continued service towards UO Station, use the temporary bus stop on Hilyard Street south of 30th Avenue.
  • Route 91 Real-Time Notice
    Due to limited cellular communications east of Springfield, bus arrival time and status may not be reported correctly on the website’s real-time map. Refer to Route 91 timetables and plan to arrive at your bus stop in advance. 

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