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Twitter_LogoPairingLockup_LaneTransitLTD’s Service Alert system is maintained to inform you when a detour is going to affect regular service to a specific bus stop or route.  Detours can be the result of construction, weather, a community event, emergency situations, etc.  Every effort is taken to keep the information as up-to-date as possible.  In addition to the service alerts found on each route page, LTD publishes the alerts in real-time on Twitter.  To learn more about setting up a Twitter notification, click here. Twitter-Credits
Understanding Service Alert Symbols

Watch for these service alert symbols; red exclamation mark means Attention!; green lowecase i means Information; orange construction cone means Construction; blue snow flake means snow route

Each symbol corresponds with a different type of alert. The following is a summary of what each of the symbols means:

The red exclamation point, or “Attention!” symbol, indicates an urgent or significant notice of which riders should be aware.

The Information symbol, a green circle with a lowercase “i” in the middle, indicates helpful information for a rider to know, but is less urgent than the “Attention!” symbol.

The orange Construction symbol with a cone in the middle indicates intermittent stop closures, likely due to construction or road closures.

The Snow Route symbol, a blue circle with a snowflake, indicates that a route may be detoured or canceled due to inclement weather. If your route has a snowflake symbol, please take a moment to review its Snow & Ice detour map in advance to determine which stops may not be served during severe winter weather.

Current Detours

Below is a list of the current detours impacting regular bus service.  If your route is not listed here, no detour is in place at this time.

  • Routes 1, 51, & 52 – Construction Detour
    Due to construction, Route 1 traveling to Eugene Station will miss the bus stop on Olive St. & 7th Ave. beginning November 27 between 9:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m. through project completion. Please proceed to Eugene Station or the EmX station on Charnelton St. & 7th Avenue. Routes 51 and 52 will also be on detour, but no stops will be missed.

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