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At Lane Transit District, we are committed to creating a more connected, sustainable, and equitable community. That vision starts with a high-quality workforce. We are looking for employees who share our core values of:

Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Equity, Safety, and Collaboration

apply buttonOur team of nearly 300 employees connects our community to jobs, education, health care, shopping, recreation, and community services. If you are a team player, committed to providing excellent customer service, and want to contribute to making our community a better place to live, build your career with us.

HOW TO APPLY: For a list of open positions or to apply for jobs online, visit LTD's applicant portal.

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Why is LTD a great place to work?

Great Benefits - 100% Employer-Paid Health Benefits

Medical Insurance - PacificSource Health Plans

Depending on your family needs, the district offers employees three PPO health plans to choose from.  The plans cover medical, prescription drugs, and alternative care.
Option 2 – Navigator Network
         $1,500/$3,000 in-network deductible
         $3,000/$6,000 out-of-pocket max
Option 3 –Navigator Network
          $2,000/$4,000 in-network deductible
          $4,000/$8,000 out-of-pocket max
Option 4 – Navigator Network
          $2,000/$4,000 in-network deductible
          $5,000/$10,000 out-of-pocket max

Dental Insurance - Delta Dental

District offers one dental plan for employees with $0 deductible and no out-of-pocket max.

Each employee and enrolled family members have a $1,500 maximum benefit per calendar year.  Once the $1,500 max benefit for the year is used, the employee is responsible for 100% of charges.

Preventative services are covered at 100% and do not apply to the calendar year maximum.

Vision Insurance - VSP: Vision Service Plan

The District offers one vision plan for employees. The plan covers exams every 12 months with a $25 co-pay, and lenses/frames or contact lenses every 24 months for employee and enrolled family members up to $130 with a 20% discount on select brands.

Group Life Insurance & Accidental Death & Dismemberment - LifeMap

Optional life insurance available at employee cost with a guaranteed $50,000 benefit if applied for within 31 days of start date. 

Voluntary Life Insurance- -LifeMap

Optional life insurance available at employee cost with a guaranteed $50,000 benefit if applied for within 31 days of start date. 

Long-term Disability - LifeMap

District paid benefit for Administrative Employees Only.
Benefit begins 60 days after disability.

Income replacement up to 60% of basic monthly income with $5,000 per month max and minimum being the greater of $100 or 10% of gross monthly benefit.

Short-term Disability - LifeMap

District paid benefit for Union Employees Only.

Benefit begins on the 1st day of disability caused by an accident or 8th day caused by illness or hospitalization.

Income replacement up to 66 and 2/3% of basic weekly income with $800 per week max and $25 per week minimum for up to 26 weeks.


The HRA VEBA plan is a tax-free health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) that is only available to public employees. HRA funds can be used to cover qualified healthcare expenses and post retirement premiums for employee and eligible family members. The medical plan elected by employee determines how much money the district contributes to the employee’s HRA VEBA annually. Employer contributions, earnings, and withdrawals (claims) are tax-free.

Flexible Spending Accounts - BPAS

Optional benefit available at employee’s cost.
Medical FSA:      
This benefit allows employees to set aside pre-tax money to pay for eligible healthcare expenses that includes copays, deductibles, vision, dental, braces, etc.

Dependent Care FSA:
This benefit allows employees to use pre-tax dollars toward qualified dependent care such as caring for children under the age 13 or caring for elders. This can include daycare costs and some camps.

Qualified Parking Plan

Optional benefit available at employee’s cost. LTD provides all employees the ability to be reimbursed, usually pre-taxed, for qualified, work-related parking expenses up to $260 per month.

Employee Assistance Program - Canopy

The EAP is a free and confidential benefit that can assist employees and covered family members with any personal problems, large or small.
The EAP benefit includes counseling sessions, legal consultations, financial coaching, identify theft, home ownership programs, life coaching, pet parent resources, and much more.

457 Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan

Corebridge Financial

Employees may contribute a percentage of their gross salary on a pre-tax basis up to the annual IRS maximum. District will match contribution at 50% up to 3% max.
Employee contributions are 100% vested from day 1. District match is 100% vested after 3 years.

401a Discretionary Contribution Retirement Plan - Corebridge Financial

Benefit available to eligible Administrative Employees Only.
District paid contribution into employee’s retirement account, amount contributed is based on a percentage of employee’s gross pay, and increases based on years of service up to max of 9%. Employee is 100% vested after 7 years of service.

Pension Plan - Kernutt Stokes

Benefit available to eligible Union Employees Only.
Monthly benefit calculated based on service credits (number of hours paid while member of union) and agreed upon benefit multiplier which can be found in the Working and Wage Agreement.

Bus Pass

All employees and eligible family members receive free bus passes.

Wellness Incentive Program

Benefit available to Administrative Employees Only.
District will contribute an amount to employee’s VEBA account annually if employee completes the required wellness activities during prior year.

Tuition Assistance Program

Benefit available to Administrative Employees Only.
Reimbursement for relevant courses up to the max IRS allowable tax-free amount.

Volunteer Program

Benefit available to Administrative Employees Only.
Eligible employees can accrue up to 24 hours of volunteer time annually after one year of employment.

Paid Time Off

Eligible Administrative Employees accrue Consolidated Annual Leave (CAL) up to max of 480 hours and Extended Illness Bank (EIB) hours based on years of service.
Eligible Unions Employees accrue Vacation and Sick hours based on years of service, while also receiving Floating Holiday hours annually.
In addition, all eligible employees receive Jury Duty, Bereavement, and Military leave.


10 paid holidays for Administrative Employees per year.
10 paid holidays for Union Employees per year.

Employee Events

District sponsored events (monthly, quarterly, annually), yearly employee celebration, and fun Fridays.

Professional Growth Opportunities

LTD focuses on attracting and retaining a high-quality workforce through high levels of employee engagement.

Annual In-Service Training

Each year, LTD employees of all levels and departments convene to learn and grow together in small groups. Past training topics include anti-harassment, diversity and inclusion, employee benefits, and open enrollment.

Online Training Library

LTD offers each employee an online library of training videos to upgrade skills in categories such as cybersecurity, communication, software, management, and more.

Opportunity to Make a Difference in the Community

Our community is at its best when we all have access to the places and services that are important to us. Every year, millions of riders depend on LTD to get to work, go to school, shop, get to medical appointments, and more. Public transportation makes a significant contribution toward establishing a community identity, supporting vibrant commercial and social exchanges, improving physical health, and guiding sustainable neighborhood and regional development.

LTD employees are encouraged to practice sustainability, both individually and as a team. From volunteering in the community to collaborating on better ways to achieve our sustainability mission, LTD's employee Green Dream Team plans for a more sustainable future.

Download a snapshot of LTD's employee benefits package.

Lane Transit District (“LTD” or “the District”) is committed to providing and maintaining a work environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, workplace bullying, and retaliation. The District demonstrates its commitment to diversity in the way it provides services and through its employment practices, by ensuring that all LTD services, programs, and activities are sensitive to and responsive to cultural differences; demonstrating a commitment to workplace diversity through recruitment, hiring, and promotions; and maintaining a respectful environment free from all forms of harassment, hostility, and violence.

Studies have shown that minoritized individuals often disqualify themselves from opportunities because they don’t exactly fit all of the requirements. LTD values diversity and strives to expand representation at all levels of the workforce.  We welcome applications from BIPOC, women, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community, and veterans.  Please contact our HR Department if you have questions.

Lane Transit District is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Materials are available in alternative formats by calling 541-687-5555.

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