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Emergency Ride Home (ERH)

The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program provides employees who carpool, vanpool, bus, bike, or walk to work with up to four free taxi rides home in case of a qualified emergency.

Providing this benefit to your employee is free, and provides them with the peace of mind they need to make travel choices that cut down on parking demand, ease traffic congestion, reduce air pollution, and increase wellness.

Ready to learn more about Emergency Ride Home? View frequently asked questions about the program or complete the ERH registration form.

Please note: Any trip taken without an authorized voucher will not be covered by the ERH program. The member will be held responsible for payment and possibly denied future participation in the program.
LTD is acting solely as a referral service and as such, does not assume any liability, claims, and demands for personal injury or loss to personal property. The information you provide will be used solely for rideshare purposes.