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Community Investment Plan

The FY 2023-32 CIP document and accompanying presentation are available for download.

The Community Investment Plan (CIP) is a ten-year framework document that provides direction on LTD community investments. The plan helps facilitate the efficient use of LTD’s financial resources and implement regional priorities that anticipate the need for public transportation in the future.

LTD's Community Investment Plan takes a collaborative approach in working with partners to maximize the effectiveness of the community’s investment. Our local cities, Lane County, and both public and private entities are working together to create efficiencies in planning ahead to ensure economic vitality, equity, sustainability, and livability of our community.

Annual revisions of the CIP consider new and existing projects and reflect changes in strategic and operational priorities. The plan includes projects where funding has already been identified as well as desired projects where funding may not yet to be defined. The CIP supports short-term issues as well as long-term transportation and livability goals.

Adopted CIP

For information of past CIPs beyond those listed below, please submit a Public Records Request.

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