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Mobility Management Strategy

Project Overview & Purpose


Project Update:

The LTD Board of Directors adopted a Mobility Management Strategy at its June 21, 2023 work session. View the project documents below.


LTD has developed a mobility management strategy to outline how best to collaborate with local partners to provide a strong transportation network. The Mobility Management Strategy helps LTD understand how to best serve the community with new transportation options and services.

The purpose of this project is to:

  • Survey transportation needs and gaps in existing transportation services.
  • Understand the best role for LTD to play in supporting new transportation services and programs.
  • Define a process for making decisions about LTD’s role in new (non-fixed route) transportation options.
  • Identify a list of potential transportation projects to implement in the short term.


Transportation options refer to different travel modes, such as buses, shuttles, walking, bicycles, or e-scooters.

Transportation programs refer to the variety of programs used to support travel by specific modes, including discounted transit passes, emergency ride home, and employee transportation programs.

Transportation services refer to LTD’s fixed route or demand responsive services (e.g., EmX or the LTD Connector) bikeshare (e.g., PeaceHealth Rides), rideshare (e.g., Uber or Lyft), or carpool programs.  

What’s included in this project?

This project will explore what is possible for a variety of transportation options and services. It will not assess possible route or frequency changes to fixed route services, nor will it identify locations for pilot projects. For more information about possible topics to be include in the MMS, see below.

What's included in the MMS

  • Micro Transit
  • Shared Micromobility
    (e.g., bikeshare, e-scooters)
  • Carshare
  • Carpool and Vanpool services
  • Rideshare and Transportation Network Companies
  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Dynamic Curb Management
  • Electric vehicles and electrification infrastructure
  • Trip Planning Services
  • Integrated Fare Payment Programs and Services
  • Travel Demand Management Programs

What's not included in the MMS

  • Changes to Fixed Route Services
  • Decisions on which pilot projects to conduct



The Mobility Management Strategy was completed over the course of four phases. LTD adopted and published the final strategy in Summer 2022. The project included an assessment of peer mobility options in a local context, outreach to the public and interested parties, a list of implementation tools and projects, and a draft and final board-adopted Mobility Management Strategy.

Project Documents

Bilingual Fact Sheet
Decision Process Summary
LTD Mobility Management Strategy
Pilot Project Guidance Mobility
Management Strategy Presentation

June 21, 2023 Board of Directors Work Session Meeting Packet


Click here to view the Mobility Management Strategy Webinar on YouTube

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