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Riding Basics

Before Your Trip

  • Check the Rules for Riding the Bus.
  • Plan your trip. Information is available in your LTD Rider’s Digest, from LTD Customer Service, or use the right-hand column to find your route or plan your trip.
  • Have your bus fare ready. You need to have exact change or a bus pass. Bus operators do not make change. You can purchase a Day Pass from your bus operator or from the LTD Customer Service counter.  Or, you can purchase your fares online.
  • If you are catching a bus at a transit station, confirm that you are waiting in the correct location. A full set of transit station maps are available on this website.
  • When planning your trip, be sure to check bus routes on adjacent or parallel streets. Walking one or two blocks may provide access to service that better meets your transportation needs.

Welcome Aboard!

  • Arrive at your bus stop a few minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Check the bus stop sign to make sure your route is listed.
  • Make sure your bus pass or fare is readily available.
  • When it's dark outside, use a flashlight to help the bus operator see you.
  • As a bus approaches, stand by the bus stop pole. Check the sign on the bus to be sure it is the bus you want. If it is, kindly signal the bus operator that you want that bus. If not, wave it by. This is very helpful to the bus operator.
  • Help young children board efficiently.
  • As you board the bus, show the bus operator your bus pass, or place your exact change into the farebox next to the bus operator’s seat. You also may purchase a Day Pass on the bus or from the LTD Customer Service counter. The Day Pass allows you unlimited rides aboard LTD all day long.
  • Sit down quickly. The front bus seats are reserved for seniors and customers with disabilities.
  • The bus will not stop to board customers once it has pulled away from the curb.
  • If another customer needs a seat, remove personal items from the seat next to you.
  • Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Getting Off the Bus

  • One block from your bus stop, pull the signal cord located above the windows of the bus.
  • Check to make sure you have not left personal belongings on the bus.
  • Exit through the rear door of the bus (unless you have a bike). If you will be unloading a bike, let your bus operator know on your way out the front door.
  • Watch your step.
  • After exiting an LTD bus, DO NOT CROSS IN FRONT OF THE BUS.
  • Wait until the bus has pulled away and cross at a designated crosswalk.
  • Have a great day!

Riding EmX

EmX operates differently than the regular bus system. For more details visit the EmX Rider Guide.

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