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How to Get Your Free Bus Pass

It's easy for UO students and employees, Lane Community College students, and Pacific University students to get a free bus pass. These passes are valid on EmX and LTD's neighborhood routes. Additional fare applies on some routes, including the Diamond Express, Rhody Express, and Cottage Grove Connector.

For UO Students & Employees

UO students and employees have access to a free bus pass. Visit the UO Transportation Services website for instructions on how to get started with LTD’s e-fare system called Umo.

For LCC and Pacific University Students

Eligible LCC and Pacific University students can get access to LTD bus services at no additional cost. That means unlimited rides to LCC’s Main Campus, Downtown Campus, and off-campus activities during the school term. Visit the LCC Bus Pass webpage for instructions on getting a bus pass.

Plan Your Trip

Getting where you need to go is easy when you use LTD’s trip planner tool on your mobile device.

Learn How to Ride

Get tips and tutorials on how to ride the bus on our website or watch the video below.


Eugene, Cascades & Coast, a travel and tourism organization, offers a comprehensive calendar of events that makes it easy to plan your weekend or trip. Once you know where you are going, use LTD’s trip planning tools to find your route.

Whether you’re new to the area or just want to explore destinations off-campus, it’s easy to hop on the bus and visit local attractions or leave the city behind to wander through the woods. There’s a lot to see when you ride LTD! Learn more about destinations accessible by bus on the LTD YouTube channel. Videos are available in English and Spanish.

Find YourRoutes

Plan YourTrip