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Strategic Business Plan



Lane Transit District has adopted our first Strategic Business Plan. The Strategic Business Plan will bridge LTD’s mission, vision, and values to our day-to-day operations. This agency-wide collaborative effort will help us focus on the most important outcomes to deliver and guide our agency for the next three years. 

To download a pdf of the Strategic Business Plan, click here.

What does the Strategic Business Plan Include?

Image of a Business Plan
  • A refresh of our Mission, Vision, and Values 
  • Identification of Goals (Strategic Areas of Focus) 
  • Organizational and Departmental Scorecards 
  • Tactics, which are the projects and initiatives that we will be undertaking


Development of the Strategic Business Plan kicked off in January 2021. The Board of Directors adopted the plan in July 2021. 

Communication Plan component list

Mission Vision Values

Mission, Vision, and Values

The Strategic Business plan refreshes our Mission and Vision statements. These statements get to the very core of why we exist and what we strive to achieve. 

The Strategic Business Plan also refreshes our core Values, which are the guiding principles that represent how we – as individuals and as a team – behave on our way to the future.

The adopted mission and vision statements, and core values are:
Mission: Connecting our community.
Vision: In all that we do, we are committed to creating a more connected, sustainable, and equitable community.
Values: Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Equity, Safety, Collaboration 

Strategic Areas of FocusSBP-Icon-2

The strategic areas of focus are the goals or success outcomes that we strive to achieve. It is the backbone of the Strategic Business Plan and will steer our work for the next three years. The areas of strategic focus are:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement
  • Community Value
  • Financial Health
  • Sustainability

Key Perfomance Indicator

Tactics & Scorecards

In order to achieve success, the Strategic Business Plan includes a work plan comprised of tactics, which are initiatives or work activities that we will undertake to meet our goals in each of the strategic areas of focus.

The Strategic Business Plan also includes organizational and departmental scorecards, which are comprised of key performance indicators (KPIs) that enable us to track and report our progress towards achieving goals over time. 

Communications and Engagement

A hand raised to ask a question

Our workforce was heavily engaged in the Strategic Business Plan development process through workshops, meetings, and direct contributions to the plan elements. We also drew on existing customer and community surveys, public input from major projects, and other sources. 

Our Board of Directors and the Strategic Planning Committee were also heavily engaged to provide guidance and input along the way. We also deployed a targeted stakeholder survey to solicit additional ideas and guidance. 

Next Steps

We are moving into the plan roll-out phase. The Strategic Business Plan will guide and orient how LTD does business. For the next few months, staff will be preparing to implement the tactics in the Strategic Business Plan. We will also be gearing up to measure our successes and KPIs in a manner that has not been done before.

We will be presenting on our progress every quarter. Please check back here often for updates.

Questions or Comments?

For questions or comments, contact Kim Le at kim.le@ltd.org or 541-682-6202

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