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Strategic Business Plan


Connecting Our Community

Lane Transit District adopted its first Strategic Business Plan for fiscal years 2022-2024. The Strategic Business Plan bridges LTD’s mission, vision, and values to our day-to-day operations. This agency-wide collaborative effort will help us focus on the most important outcomes to deliver and guide our agency for the next three years.

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Curious about LTD? LTD’s performance-based dashboard provides quarterly updates to help you keep pace with how the District is doing to improve customer satisfaction, employee engagement, community value, financial health, and sustainability by June 30, 2024. Click to open LTD's performance dashboard.

LTD SBP Infographic

What does the Strategic Business Plan Include?

  • A refresh of our Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Identification of Strategic Areas of Focus (goals)
  • Tactics, which are the projects and initiatives that we will be undertaking
  • Organizational Performance Metrics

Mission, Vision, and Values

The Strategic Business Plan refreshed our mission and vision statements. These statements get to the very core of why we exist and what we strive to achieve.

Our Mission

Connecting our community.

Our Vision

In all that we do, we are committed to creating a more connected, sustainable, and equitable community.

The Strategic Business Plan also refreshed our core values. As a way to ensure the success of LTD and because we care, we hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable to the core values of:

Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Equity, Safety, and Collaboration

Strategic Areas of Focus

During the plan cycle (fiscal years 2022-2024), LTD will focus our priorities on five strategic areas. Each strategic area of focus has measurable success outcome definitions so that we will know if we are on our way to meeting our goals.

Customer Satisfaction - We will deliver outstanding customer service that increases the willingness of our customers to recommend our services to others. Our goal is to achieve a Net Promoter Score of 21%

Employee Engagement
- We will attract and retain a high quality workforce through high levels of employee engagement. Our goal is to achieve an Employee Engagement Score of 65%.

Community Value
- We will provide strong value to the community through the services we offer, whether or not they use our services directly. Our goal is to establish a baseline for the percentage of the community that believes we provide value and improve by 5%.

Financial Health
- We will maintain a strong financial position to sustain our operations for the future. Our goal is to achieve 3-year rolling financial plan targets.

- Our goal is to do our part to preserve and protect the environment. Our goal is to reduce LTD's greenhouse gas emissions by 70%.

Tactics & Performance Metrics

In order to achieve success, the Strategic Business Plan includes a work plan comprised of tactics, which are the major projects or initiatives that we will undertake to meet our goals in each of the strategic areas of focus.

The Strategic Business Plan also includes organizational performance metrics, which enable us to track and report our progress toward achieving goals over time.

Customer Satisfaction Gear Icon

Customer Satisfaction

Work activities and performance goals that align LTD teams on delivering outstanding
customer service.

Engaged Employees Gear


Initiatives and performance goals centered on attracting and retaining a high quality workforce.

Community Value Gear Icon

Community Value

Projects, programs,
and performance goals aimed at providing strong value for the community.

Financial health Gear Icon

Financial Health

Work plan tactics and performance goals focused on maintaining LTD’s strong financial position.

Sustainability Gear Icon


Specific steps and performance goals to help LTD do our part to preserve and protect the environment.

Next Steps

The SBP roll-out phase officially launched in October 2021. LTD has refreshed its Strategic Business Plan for FY24 (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024) to more accurately reflect the evolving mobility needs of the communities it serves.

 SBP_Cover Image 

The full Strategic Business Plan document is available to view and download.

Questions or Comments?

For questions or comments, contact Aimee Reichert at Aimee.Reichert@LTD.org.

Quarterly Updates

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