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Rules for Riding

Riders have responsibilities. The following rules are enforced by Lane Transit District (LTD) and carry a penalty of up to $250 and/or exclusion from the transit system.


Valid fare required

A valid ticket or pass is required on every LTD bus.


Move for seniors and people with disabilities

In the priority seating area, you are required to move for seniors and people with disabilities.


Keep feet on the floor

Keep your feet off the seats and on the ground. Seats are for individuals, not for feet, bags, or other personal items.

Keep food and drinks in sealed, approved containers

No eating on the bus.  Drinks must be in closed, approved containers.


Use one seat

Use only one seat for yourself and your belongings.


Keep pets in approved carrier

Keep pets in a carrier that is small enough to hold on your lap, that fully contains your pet and that is kept closed.


Properly throw trash away

Throw your trash away in the receptacles located on board, at stations and at many stops


No smoking

Smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and other vapor emitting devices is prohibited on LTD property, including buses, bus shelters, and transit stations.


Do not block the aisles or doors

If you have a bag or bike, make sure it is not blocking the aisle or doorway. Strollers must be folded after boarding. If you are standing, move back so others can board.


Do not make excessive noise

Speak at a reasonable volume when in conversation with fellow riders or when using a cell phone. Use  electronics quietly with headphones.


Do not threaten or intimidate riders or operators

It is criminal to threaten the safety of a rider or operator or interfere with the movement of a bus. Foul language will not be tolerated

Must have a destination stop.

Sleeping on the bus is prohibited.
Learn more about Rules for Riding and Ordinance 36.

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