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How to Ride


Whether you've never hopped aboard a bus, you're riding for the first time in a while, or you're a regular rider who wants to learn more, LTD has some tips to make riding the bus easy and convenient. Click the links below to learn more, or browse our video library of rider tips.

How to Ride LTD

Tips for getting on and off the bus

Learn the basics of getting on and off the bus in this tutorial video, with tips on waiting at the bus stop, paying fare, finding a seat, and pulling the cord to signal for a stop.

Tips for bringing bikes on the bus

In this video, we walk you through each step of boarding and securing your bike. On a fixed-route bus, the bike is stored outside on a rack at the front of the bus. On an EmX bus, bring the bike inside and secure it on a bike rack.

Tips for boarding the bus with a mobility device

Taking your mobility device on the bus is easier than you think. Each bus operator is trained to assist you with securing your mobility device. Watch the video for a few simple tips to follow when riding with your mobility device.

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