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COVID-19 and the Holidays

With the holidays approaching and COVID-19 cases in Lane County on the rise, it is important to remember to practice safety procedures during this time. Oregon.gov lists the following procedures:

  • Wear facemasks (required to ride LTD)
  • Keep indoor social gatherings to no more than 10
  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet apart (3 ft. on buses)
  • Wash hands frequently

Holidays are a time to be thankful and spend time with family and friends. This year, it is also a time to protect them by making sure the proper COVID-19 procedures are followed. By working together during this time, we can keep the community safe and healthy.

It’s Time to Stuff the Bus!

Helping Local Families

A community tradition is upon us once again. For the 24th year, the Stuff the Bus event is collecting donations of quality food and new, unwrapped toys for local families that require assistance during this holiday season. You can drop off your donations at either of the following locations. A little or a lot – it all adds up to a better community.


For more information, visit KDUK.com or FoodForLaneCounty.org


Take a walk through time...
Fifty years ago, the first Board of Directors was sworn in by Governor Tom McCall and LTD began operations on November 23, 1970.

During the month of November, LTD will be celebrating the past 50 years and the major milestones over this time. From its first buses, the “Green Meanies”, to the new electric buses, along with station, service, and technology improvements. It’s been 50 years and LTD continues its pledge of providing safe and reliable transportation to the community of Lane County.

Visit LTD.org or follow LTD on Facebook to take the journey through time, and even share some of your own LTD photos and stories at #LTD50years.


Be Seen!

With the darker hours and winter weather upon us, it can be difficult for bus operators to see you waiting at your stop or  if you are walking or biking. If it is dark, foggy, or raining please help ensure you’re seen by using the following tips.

  • Stand up as the bus approaches your stop
  • Use a cell phone or light to signal the bus operator
  • Riders, cyclists and pedestrians: Wear light-colored, bright, or reflective clothing
  • Use a light or bike light so drivers can see you
  • When walking, face oncoming traffic

Do you need a light or bike light to be seen?

Get a free one (while supplies last) at the LTD Customer Service Center
1080 Willamette St., Mon – Fri, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


As early as 2005, LTD recognized the River Road and Santa Clara communities were due for additional transit investment. In 1982, LTD had invested in the then-new River Road transit station at what was the edge of the urban area at the time, to serve a growing demand for transportation needs in northwest Eugene. As the community grew, it became clear that a greater transit service was needed north of the station and Beltline Highway in the Santa Clara neighborhood. In 2015, LTD purchased an 8-acre undeveloped parcel along River Road between Hunsaker Lane and Green Lane to pursue the design and construction of the Santa Clara Transit Station.

Fast forward to November 2020 and LTD is only a handful of months away from the opening of the Santa Clara Station, scheduled to open for service on February 7, 2021. Rowell Brokaw Architects led the design efforts for this station with Delta Construction completing construction efforts – both local companies. The vast majority of construction will be complete by the end of 2020 with minor construction efforts occurring in early 2021.

Construction began in May 2020, and although it hit a few bumps in the road due to COVID-19 and wildfire impacts, it is still progressing on time. Public right of way improvements to date have included the reconstruction of Green Lane, including a sidewalk, as well as constructing Elementary Lane along the eastern border of the property. By the end of 2020, a new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of River Road and Green Lane.

When traveling by the construction site today, you will notice the Park & Ride is fully paved and the exterior of the driver relief building is nearly complete. New sidewalks adorn the property to allow passengers safe access across the site and along perimeter roads.

The landscaping crew will be onsite for the remainder of the year to complete the aesthetics of the station. All storm water run-off is required to be retained and treated on-site, so expect to see a number of storm water planters throughout the station. The bus loop will be poured with concrete, and site amenities, shelters, and safety features including surveillance and lighting will be installed.

LTD is looking forward to the opening of the Santa Clara Station to continue our mission of providing people with the independence to achieve their goals, creating a more vibrant, sustainable, and equitable community.

Download the Bus Talk newsletter here (PDF)


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