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Bus Operator Appreciation Day

March 18 is Bus Operator Appreciation Day, celebrating the hard working operators who move us every day. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, operators have bravely transported people to essential services and job sites around Lane County. LTD thanks its operators for keeping our system running. The next time you board a bus, give your driver a “thumbs up” or wave to thank them, especially on March 18.


Rewards Pass Extended Through March

This month, our community approaches a full year of experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank all of our riders for their patience and support in keeping each other safe. As part of LTD’s health-first approach, we encourage riders to take advantage of contactless boarding and payment options with TouchPass. As a thank you to our riders, LTD is extending its complimentary TouchPass Rewards Pass through March 2021. Current TouchPass users can download the pass using the TouchPass mobile app or by visiting the Customer Service Center to have the pass loaded onto their TouchPass card. New users can download the app or purchase a TouchPass card for $3 at the Customer Service Center. Additionally, K-12 riders will continue to ride for free, and University of Oregon and Lane Community College students can board buses by showing their student ID card to the operator.


Don’t Invite COVID-19

How can you prevent COVID from infecting your workplace? Keep your distance, wear a mask, wash your hands and avoid large gatherings.

Four Ways to Be a Workplace Leader
  • Be an example by role modeling safe behaviors and others will follow suit. Don’t cave to co-worker peer pressure and speak up if you feel like your work conditions are unsafe.
  • Stay home if you’re sick and work from home whenever possible. Use technology for meetings and to stay connected.
  • Know that the office and workplace scenarios you see on TV are not a true depiction of what’s OK behavior and don’t reflect real life in the midst of a pandemic.
  • Follow the Four: Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Stay six feet apart. Avoid large gatherings.

Learn more: dontinvitecovid.org/office


Santa Clara Opening

If you ride the 51 or 52 routes in the Santa Clara neighborhood, you might have met Sarah. She is an avid bus rider and honorary project manager, as she has observed the construction of Santa Clara Station since the project first broke ground. Sarah shared her excitement with LTD General Manager Aurora “AJ” Jackson, Facilities Manager Joe McCormack and Project Manager Randi Staudinger at the grand opening of Santa Clara Station on Sunday, February 7. “It really does mean a lot to me to keep my independence. I no longer drive, and even when I can’t keep my independence (LTD) has a level of service that will come to my door,” said Sarah. She and her Santa Clara neighbors will get to enjoy six bus bays, 60 Park & Ride spaces, secured bike parking and covered station platforms for years to come.


New Buses

As a regional leader in transit innovation, LTD’s Board of Directors adopted an ambitious goal in June 2020: to be 100% fossil fuel free by 2035. LTD’s fleet management team has answered this challenge by purchasing 11 New Flyer electric buses. The buses will be thoroughly tested throughout the next few months in LTD’s mechanical shop and on the roads to prepare for safe and efficient passenger service. While LTD already uses renewable diesel fuel and has a fleet made up of 60% Diesel Electric-Hybrid buses, this is an exciting leap toward meeting sustainability goals.

Learn more: LTD.org/sustainability-at-ltd

Click to download a PDF of the March 2021 Bus Talk newsletter.


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