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January Bus Talk

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MLK Jr. Day: Regular Bus Service

LTD buses, Customer Service Center and Administrative Offices operate on adjusted schedules in observation of certain holidays. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 17, buses operate on regular schedules. The Customer Service Center and lobby waiting area in Eugene Station is open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The Administrative Offices, however, are closed.

For a complete list of holiday service schedules, visit: LTD.org/hours-holiday-service


Human Trafficking Awareness Month: Join the Blue Campaign 

January is Human Trafficking Awareness month. LTD encourages all community members to #WearBlue on January 11, 2022, to raise awareness about human trafficking. #WearBlue days is part of the nationwide Blue Campaign sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to educate the public, law enforcement, and other industry partners to recognize the indicators of human trafficking and how to appropriately respond to possible cases. #WearBlue on January 11!

To learn more about the Blue Campaign, including how to identify potential human trafficking situations, visit: dhs.gov/blue-campaign/about-blue-campaign


Follow LTD on Twitter for Real-Time 


Prepare for winter weather before it arrives by following LTD on Twitter @LaneTransit. When winter weather is in the forecast, LTD closely monitors road conditions and communicates detours in real-time through Twitter, LTD.org, and local news stations.


Be Seen at Your Stop

Be seen at your stop on chilly winter nights by following these tips:
  • Stand up as the bus approaches your stop. 
  • Use a cell phone or flashlight to signal the bus operator.
  • Wear light-colored, bright, or reflective clothing.
  • When walking, face oncoming traffic.


TSA Extends Mask Requirement 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has extended the requirement for all passengers aboard public buses, including those operated by Lane Transit District, to continue wearing a face mask over the nose and mouth until March 18, 2022. The face mask requirement also includes anyone in public areas of bus stations and platforms for the purposes of purchasing tickets as well as waiting, boarding, and disembarking from the bus. 

For more information, go to tsa.gov


New Year, 
New Commute

Can you guess the most common New Year’s resolutions? Improving health, spending more time with family, taking up a new hobby, and saving money top the list of most common goals for the New Year. Whatever your New Year’s resolution is, there is a transportation option that will help you achieve your goals. Do you want to be more active this year? Walk to work or the nearest bus stop to get your steps in. Is spending more time with family your goal? Ask if telecommuting is an option at your workplace so that you spend less time commuting and more time with your loved ones. Are you looking to pick up a new hobby? Commute by bike (or unicycle!). There are many fun, healthy ways to get to work besides driving alone in a car. To calculate your commute cost savings and learn how reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips affect carbon emissions, visit GetThereOregon.com


Strategic Business Plan: First Quarter Progress

LTD’s first Strategic Business Plan officially launched in October 2021. During the first quarter of implementation, from October to December 2021, LTD employees began measuring progress toward organizational goals. Last quarter and throughout the next three years, LTD will focus on accomplishing goals in five strategic areas of focus, which are:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: We will deliver outstanding customer service that increases the willingness of our customers to recommend our services to others. Our goal is to achieve a Net Promoter Score of 55%. 
  2. Employee Engagement: We will attract and retain a high-quality workforce through high levels of employee engagement. Our goal is to achieve an Employee Engagement Score of 65%.
  3. Community Value: We will provide strong value to the community through the services we offer, whether or not they use our services directly. Our goal is to establish a baseline for the percentage of the community that believes we provide value and improve by 5%.
  4. Financial Health: We will maintain a strong financial position to sustain our operations for the future. Our goal is to achieve three-year rolling financial plan targets.
  5. Sustainability: We will do our part to preserve and protect the environment. Our goal is to reduce LTD's greenhouse gas emissions by 70%.

Tune in to the regular Board of Directors meeting on February 16 to hear more about our Strategic Business Plan progress.

Learn more about the Strategic Business Plan: LTD.org/strategic-business-plan

A Message to Riders About Winter Service Change

BT_Winter_Service_Change_01-2022LTD typically makes a significant service change each February, June, and September to reflect the demands of current ridership levels and increase operating efficiency. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, makes revenue uncertain and resources limited. Combined with a nationwide bus operator shortage, LTD has had to scale back its service change implementation during the pandemic. The February 2022 service change is no exception. February will see minor timepoint changes to some routes but no sweeping changes to service. While this is disappointing for all of us, LTD is working hard to recruit and train bus operators so that we can increase service throughout the District. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an LTD bus operator, apply online: LTD.org/employment


Lane Transit District begins Mobility Management Strategy Development 

LTD is developing a Mobility Management Strategy (MMS) to learn how to best collaborate with public and private partners to expand the transportation network and deliver new transportation options and services to the region. 

The MMS purpose is to: 
  • Understand transportation needs and gaps in transportation services
  • Determine the best role for LTD to play in supporting new transportation services and programs
  • Define a process for making decisions about LTD’s role in new transportation options
  • Identify a list of potential transportation projects to implement in the short term

Please look for the MMS survey in early 2022 to help LTD understand how to help you get to where you need to go. 

For more information, contact Andrew Martin, LTD project manager, at Andrew.Martin@LTD.org or call 541-682-6116. For the fact sheet, click here or sign up for future updates at LTD.org/Mobility-Management


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