LTD Customer Service Center Reopening August 10

With Lane County entering into Phase 2 of the COVID-19 regulations, LTD will reopen the Customer Service Center (1080 Willamette St., Eugene) on a limited basis beginning August 10, Mon–Fri, 7:00 a.m.–6:00. p.m.

Customers will enter through the Entrance Only doors on the west side of the building, and exit through the Exit Only doors on the north side of the building. Due to social distancing regulations, the sitting/waiting area and restrooms will remain closed at this time. LTD facilities will be thoroughly cleaning the area multiple times a day.


Did You Purchase a March Bus Pass?

In March LTD stopped collecting fares to help with social distancing and keeping our community safe. Many riders purchased a March pass but were not required to pay fares after March 18. To provide the most value to our riders, if you purchased a March pass (or a three-month pass including the month of March) on your TouchPass account, *please visit or call the LTD Customer Service Center at 541-687-5555 after August 10 to receive a new pass.
*The transaction for the original purchase of the pass must show on your existing TouchPass account to receive the complimentary pass.

Face Mask Update: Hands-Free

BT_07-Face Mask on Bus

Currently LTD requires riders and employees to wear a face-cover when riding an LTD vehicle or on LTD property. This covering can be either a mask or scarf as long as it is hands-free and does not require the rider to hold it in place.

To keep our community healthy, it is important that everyone follows the new face mask guidelines mandated by Governor Brown.


BT_07-Fare Collection

Fare Collection Resumes Sept. 1

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, LTD ceased fare collection due to the social distancing issue between riders and bus operators. LTD is currently in the process of installing barriers between the bus operators and the fare collection station to provide a safer environment for both riders and bus operators. Riders will then be able to safely board through the front doors beginning September 1.

September fare will be available to purchase at TouchPass.com or the LTD Customer Service Center (1080 Willamette St., Eugene), beginning August 20. Please be prepared and purchase passes ahead of time as riders will be required to pay beginning September 1.

BT_07-Covid Header

Summer Is Here and So Are Covid-19 Reminders

LTD is reminding passengers that with warmer weather and students at local schools beginning summer vacation, it is important to take only essential trips such as to jobs, doctor’s appointments, and grocery shopping. In addition, residents should continue to wear coverings over their nose and mouth, wash hands frequently, and stay home if they are sick, among other precautionary measures.

With Lane County receiving Phase 2 status from the state of Oregon, LTD’s Monday through Saturday bus ridership now averages more than 10,000 passenger boardings per day, compared to more than 35,000 passenger boardings per day prior to the pandemic.

“We are beginning this Oregon summer like no other in history,” said Aurora Jackson, LTD’s general manager. “Our COVID-19 precautionary reminders are another step in LTD’s health first approach to keep bus operators and passengers healthy and safe during the pandemic.”

LTD is taking many steps to limit bus operator and passenger exposure to COVID-19, including:

  • Buses are cleaned nightly with strong but safe disinfectants.
  • District employees are regularly cleaning buses throughout the day at the Eugene and Springfield stations.
  • Passengers are required to enter and exit from the rear door of the bus. Those passengers using the lift or who need assistance entering and exiting the bus can use the front door.
  • Based on social distancing requirements, LTD limits its 40-foot buses to 20 passengers and 60-foot buses to 30 passengers, which normally carry 50 and 80 passengers, respectively.
  • There is currently no fare charged to ride an LTD bus.
  • Requiring passengers to keep three-feet away from other passengers (Social Distancing).

As a result of the impacts of COVID-19 and to prioritize community health,
LTD is operating a reduced level of service.
Visit LTD.org or call LTD Customer Service at 541-687-5555 for more information.

In Continued Support of Community Health:

  • LTD employees have their temperatures taken before starting work each day and are sent home if they are sick.
  • Since early April, most of LTD’s administrative, marketing, planning, and finance teams have been required to work remotely until further notice.
  • Employees who do come to work are required to wear a mask, maintain social distancing parameters, wash hands frequently, and observe other health precautions as outlined by the state of Oregon and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health Guidelines Provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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