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Group Pass Program

Lane Transit District’s Group Pass program allows organizations to purchase bus passes for 100% of their students, employees or residents at a low monthly rate (billed quarterly). The program helps promote sustainable transit, alleviate parking issues and traffic congestion and is a great perk for organizations to offer. 

The per participant rate depends on the type of organization enrolling in the program. The following are the current 2021-2022 rates. 

  • LTD Payroll Tax Paying Organizations - $5.42 per month
  • LTD Non-payroll Tax Paying Organizations - $6.30 per month

Once enrolled in the program, organizations will be able to issue passes to their participants through LTD's electronic fare collection system. Participants can use either an electronic tap card ($3 each) or the Umo Mobility smartphone app.

To find out more, or to enroll in the Group Pass Program please email Cody Franz.

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