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Accessible Boarding


At Lane Transit District, every bus is equipped with a boarding ramp or power lift.  Most of our buses are low-floor buses that can “kneel” or lower the first step closer to the curb for easier boarding.  These features are available to anyone who uses a mobility device or has difficulty climbing steps.  Ask the bus operator for assistance.

Priority seating is available on every bus, located just inside the front door and including the first set of forward-facing seats.  These seats are reserved for older adults and people with disabilities.

Securement areas are located on board with room for two mobility devices.  Please note that rear-facing bays are located in the EmX buses that do not require securement.  One of the bays on the EmX bus is either rear-facing or forward-facing with securement, so if you are uncomfortable facing the rear of the bus, just ask the operator for securement assistance in the forward-facing bay.

Automated audible announcements are made at major stops and transfer points and on-board reader boards also provide location information.  Bus operators also can be asked to let you know when the bus is approaching your stop.  The reader board also displays when a stop has been requested.

Mobility Devices

Lift Training

If you use a mobility device and are new to the system or using a new mobility device, LTD can help you practice boarding in a private setting at a time and place convenient to you.  Call LTD’s Customer Services to arrange an appointment to have a bus and an operator trainer travel to a location convenient to you.

Taking your mobility device on the bus is easier than you think.  Each bus operator is trained to assist you with securing your mobility device.  Here are a few simple tips to follow when riding with your mobility device:

  • Wait in View:  Wait in the middle of the bus stop where the driver can see you clearly. If you need to use the ramp or lift, hold up one hand and make an "L" shape for the driver to see as the bus approaches.
  • Find Priority Seating and Securement Areas:  Once on board, look for the priority seating area near the front of the bus. Two secure seating areas are provided for mobility devices.
  • Request a stop: To alert the driver of your stop, simply press the marked signal button located conveniently next to your mobility device.  This will ensure that the operator will stop in a location that is suitable for mobility devices.
  • Exit the bus:  When the bus stops, the operator will assist with removing the securement straps from your mobility device and deploy the ramp for you.

In addition to the mobility device securement, LTD offers a shoulder belts (available upon request) for additional safety.

NOTE FOR SCOOTER USERS:  The low-floor, three-wheeled scooters are very difficult to secure while occupied and may tip when the bus rounds a corner.  LTD asks that if you can transfer to a seat, that you do so for your own safety.

Securement Straps

Securement straps can be placed on most mobility devices to aid the bus operators in locating the safest, most appropriate securement location, and to speed up the securement process.  The securement straps are provided free of charge by appointment only through the LTD Customer Service Center at the Eugene Station.

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