Diamond Express


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See the Diamond Express route page for details.

The Diamond Express intercity transportation service operates between Oakridge and the Eugene/Springfield area.

The Diamond Express was designed with the help of Oakridge and Westfir residents to include these features:
  • Intercity connection to the Eugene-Springfield area
  • Integrated purchase of Diamond Express round trip fare with LTD Day Pass

The service is managed by Lane Transit District, through a contract with Special Mobility Services (SMS). SMS is a non-profit agency that also operates the RideSource Call Center. 

Every two years, Lane Transit District (LTD) in cooperation with the City of Oakridge, applies to the Oregon Public Transit Division for funds through the Intercity Passenger Program to operate the Diamond Express. Grants are awarded specifically to provide individuals who live in rural areas access to medical and other services, shopping, school, jobs, and connections to more distant locations. See the "How is the Diamond Express funded?" for details.

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