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Connecting Our Community Since 1970

early vw buses on willamette

Since 1970, Lane Transit District has been connecting our community to work, school, medical appointments, and recreation destinations. Take a look at our history of providing transportation in Lane County.

History 1900-1969


Before LTD was established, a private company operated the transit system in Eugene and Springfield, with oversight from the City of Eugene after 1927. In 1969, the Oregon State Legislature authorized the creation of public transit districts in Oregon with payroll tax as a source of operating revenue.

History 1970-1979


In November 1970, LTD began providing transportation service with 18 buses and two vans. Dial-A-Bus service began in 1976 to serve the transportation needs of older adults and people with disabilities.

History 1980-1989


The 1980s were a time of growth and expansion for LTD service. Many transit stations opened for service around the Eugene-Springfield area. Many of these stations are still in service today, including Lane Community College Transit Station, University Station North, and Valley River Center Transit Station. In 1983, the Customer Service Center at 10th and Willamette Street opened for service, establishing LTD's longstanding presence in Downtown Eugene. By 1985, all LTD buses became wheelchair accessible, the first transit system in the country to do so and five years before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 established an "equal opportunity" law for people with disabilities.

History 1990-1999


As LTD expanded, the Glenwood Administrative and Operations Facility was built and became the base of operations for LTD. In 1993, LTD provided 5 million rides in a single year for the first time in District history. To accommodate increasing ridership demand, LTD opened several new transit stations throughout the 1990s, including University Station South, Thurston Transit Station, Seneca Transit Station, and Eugene Transit Station at 1080 Willamette Street. Eugene Station has been the central point of LTD’s “hub and spoke” transit system since it was constructed in 1998. In the late 1990s, LTD's service area expanded to the cities of Creswell and Cottage Grove.

History 2000-2009


Always on the cutting edge, LTD added six hybrid-electric buses into service in 2001. By the mid-2000s, ridership demand surpassed 9 million annual boardings. After years of planning and anticipating this increase in demand, LTD opened the Springfield Transit Station and Gateway Transit Station. In 2007, the EmX Franklin Corridor opened for service using six hybrid-electric buses. LTD was the first in the country to implement bus-rapid-transit (BRT), and the EmX BRT system has been toured by transit agencies across the country and the world.

History 2010-2019


After years of success with the EmX Franklin Corridor, LTD expanded BRT service and opened the EmX Gateway Corridor in 2011. By 2012, LTD operated 35 hybrid-electric buses, helping the District earn silver-level certification in the American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) Sustainability Commitment program. APTA continued to recognize LTD's innovation and industry leadership and honored LTD with the 2014 Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award. In 2017, the EmX West Eugene Corridor opened for service, connecting the West Eugene, Gateway, and Franklin Corridors with 20 miles of dedicated bus lanes and frequent service. The LTD Glenwood campus expanded in 2018, adding a Facility Maintenance building and electric bus charging infrastructure to the bus lot. In 2019, LTD introduced the TouchPass/Umo electronic fare collection system.

History 2020-Present


LTD continues to build on its history of innovation and industry leadership. Explore LTD's current projects and future investments at the following links:

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