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More Than a Bus Company

early vw buses on willamette

Lane Transit District began in 1970 with 18 buses and two vans, and it has grown and changed along with the community.

Since 1970, awareness of the relationship between automobile traffic and quality of life has increased. Not only does the community want alternatives to relieve problems with increased traffic, federal and state governments have demanded it.

  • The Federal Clean Air Act Amendments of 1992 set standards for clean air that, if not met, can result in the loss of federal transportation funding. Since half of the air pollution in the country is caused by automobiles, alternative forms of transportation must be part of the solution.
  • The Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission responded to the 1992 Clean Air Act Amendment with Transportation Planning Rule Goal 12, which requires cities with populations of 25,000 or more to have a plan for gradually reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMTs). In the last decade of the 30-year plan, outlined in the TransPlan, VMTs per person must be reduced 20 percent from current levels. LTD has responded to the challenge and has become a leader in shaping local and regional transportation strategies. 

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