LTD passengers should check the weather forecast and bus schedules, as inclement weather is expected to impact the area over the next few days. Los pasajeros de LTD deben consultar el pronóstico del tiempo y los horarios de los autobuses, ya que se espera que las inclemencias del tiempo afecten el área durante las próximos días. Learn More
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EmX Accessibility

EmX vehicles are designed to make boarding faster and easier for everyone.

Design features include:

  • Accessible stations
  • Station platforms at the same height as the vehicle
  • Ramps to bridge the gap between the vehicle and the platform
  • Two wheelchair bays are located at the front of each vehicle. Priority for front seats is given to seniors and people with disabilities.

Riding EmX Using a Mobility Device

  • Enter and exit through the middle door.
  • Let the operator know if you will need the ramp when boarding and deboarding.
  • Board the vehicle and position yourself in the wheelchair bay.
  • Securement in the forward-facing bay can be accomplished independently or with the assistance of the operator. There is a passive securement system for the rear-facing bay.
  • An announcement will keep you informed as you approach each station, including which side of the vehicle to exit.
  • If you are unable to push a stop button or pull the cord to request a stop, tell your operator.
  • Need training or want to practice boarding the EmX vehicle? Contact Alternative Work Concepts at 541-345-3043.

Parents with Strollers

Children are welcome in strollers on EmX as long as the stroller does not block the aisle. If the aisle is blocked, you may be asked to fold and stow your stroller.

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