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How to register and use the Emergency Ride Home program

Step One

Create an account at DriveLessConnect.com. Make sure that your primary work address is associated with your employer in order to create an employer affiliation. Next, select the Commute Services tab and click on Enroll Now under ERH to submit your application. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY TO ENROLL. You must be signed up in advance to use this program. Your application will be processed and you will be notified by e-mail of your acceptance into the program. Please note: You must have a mailing address entered in order to submit your registration.

Step Two

When you need to use the Emergency Ride Home program, just log in to your Drive Less Connect account and select the Commute Services tab. This page will tell you how many ERH vouchers you have left. To use one, just follow the link that says, Request a new voucher.

Step Three

Enter the information requested, follow the instructions on the voucher, and print the voucher. Contact a participating taxi provider (contact information is listed on the voucher). Give the printed voucher to the taxi driver. The taxi company will invoice Point2point directly.