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Coming Soon: Improved Customer Amenities

LTD is making improvements to Eugene Station, the central hub of LTD's transit system. The $3.8 million investment will provide long-lasting improvements that will serve the community well into the future.

CSC Draft Renderings Restroom and CSC Desk

What Riders Need to Know

Construction began in January 2024 and will last through the fall of 2024. During construction, riders will experience some changes, but the CSC building will remain open for service throughout construction.

  • The automatic sliding doors along 11th Avenue is not available. Riders can enter the Customer Service Center (CSC) through the accessible double-door entrance outside of Bay M, the single door near Bay N, and the double doors on Willamette Street.
  • The customer service counter has been relocated inside the building, but riders can still purchase passes, ask questions, and get assistance. A temporary customer service counter will be located near the double doors to Willamette Street.
  • Temporary restrooms are no longer available outside of Eugene Station due to ongoing vandalism and safety concerns. When construction is complete inside Eugene Station during summer 2024, restrooms will reopen inside the CSC.
  • The power chair fast-charging plug-in has been relocated inside the CSC.

Project Benefits

When completed, riders and community members can expect improved rider amenities that promote safety, security, and inclusiveness, such as:

  • Better station signage to help riders find their way to boarding areas
  • A new look at the Customer Service Center that improves capacity and accessibility
  • Upgraded, energy-efficient air conditioning systems for rider and employee comfort
  • More lighting throughout the station for improved safety and security
  • A more sustainable and environmentally friendly design
  • New restrooms with private, accessible stalls, increased capacity, and an inclusive design
  • Infrastructure maintenance and improvements to provide long-lasting and efficient operation for the foreseeable future

Funding Sources

The project investment is expected to total $3.8 million. 80% of the project budget is funded through infrastructure grants, and 20% of the project is funded through local match dollars. Information about LTD's Annual Budget and Community Investment Plan can be found on the Financials webpage.

CSC Draft Renderings Restroom Entry

Key Project Components

Renovation of Customer Service Center: The project includes the renovation of the customer service center to enhance efficiency, capacity, and accessibility for better customer engagement.

Station Signage Upgrades: Upgrades to station bay signs and wayfinding improvements will assist passengers in navigating the station and finding their boarding locations.

Inclusive Restrooms: Public restrooms will be renovated to provide facilities with accessible stalls and increased capacity, promoting inclusivity, security, and safety.

HVAC Equipment Replacement: Outdated HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning) equipment will be replaced with energy efficient equipment to maintain a comfortable environment for passengers and employees.

Lighting and Energy Efficiency: Upgrades will focus on improving lighting and energy efficiency throughout the station increasing lighting levels and reducing energy consumption.

Improved Pedestrian Surfaces: Selected concrete and pavers will be replaced to ensure safe and accessible surfaces for walking and using mobility devices, enhancing pedestrian circulation.

Exterior Building Preservation: The project includes the restoration and preservation of exterior walls of station buildings to assist in asset protection.

Safety and Security Upgrades: Enhancements in the area of safety and security will encompass improved lighting, surveillance cameras, building fire alarm systems, access control systems, and advanced communication technology.

Public Meeting Room Upgrades:  Upgrades to “The Next Stop Center” meeting room will enhance the accessible, technology, and comfort of public meetings held at the main transit hub for the community.

Employee Facilities: Upgrades to bus operator and support services rest areas will increase employee engagement and, consequently, improve the overall passenger experience

CSC Draft Renderings CSC Desk


Please contact Todd.Smith@LTD.org with questions about the project.

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