Fare Information

Umo Mobility is an electronic fare payment system, allowing riders the flexibility to prepay and reload fare value to a mobile device or tap card. Electronic readers are installed on all buses, except EmX, next to the fare box. Click here for details.

Fares Single Ride
Day Pass
1-Month Pass
3-Month Pass
Adult $1.75 $3.50 $50 $135
Half Fare & Youth
$.85 $1.75 $25 $67.50
RideSource $3.50

Students (K-12) FREE
Click for
Children (5 & under)

Honor Rider (65+)

No Refunds or Exchanges on Fares Purchased. When paying cash, exact change is required. Operators do not provide change.


Adults: Ages 19-64 pay full-fare
Youth: Ages 6-18 pay half-fare
Student: K-12 ride free (To obtain a free Student Transit Pass, please contact student’s school or school district directly. Click here for details.)
Children: Ages 5 and younger ride free
Half-Fare: For people with disabilities*
Honored Rider: Ages 65 and older ride free**

*Half-Fare passengers must show a photo ID to receive discounted fares. Eligibility is demonstrated through current Medicare, SSI, SSD, or certain veteran's benefits, or having a disability requiring an accommodation to use the bus. Apply for an ID card at the LTD Customer Service Center.

**Honored Rider passengers must show a photo ID to receive free fare. Apply for an ID card at the LTD Customer Service Center.


Umo Cash: Pre-load funds on the Umo Mobility App or tap card to benefit from fare capping. Riders pay as they go and when they reach $50 for the month, it automatically converts to a 1-month pass. Learn more about stored value and fare capping here.
Single Ride: Pre-purchased and valid for one single trip. Riders can use two Single-ride tickets to acquire a day pass on board.
Day Pass: Unlimited rides for one calendar day. Passengers must pay cash on board and change cannot be provided.
10-Ride Ticket Book: No longer available for purchase. Tickets are still valid.
1-Month Pass: Unlimited rides for one calendar month.
3-Month Pass: Unlimited rides for three consecutive calendar months.
Student Transit Pass: A free transit pass for students K-12 that is issued by student’s school or school district. Click here for details.

EmX Passes

Single Ride Tickets and Day Passes for EmX are available for purchase at the ticket vending machines located at all EmX stations. EmX Day Passes are accepted on regular LTD buses and will be exchanged for a Day Pass by the operator. All LTD passes are accepted on EmX.