Fare Information

LTD offers a wide range of bus fares for a variety of needs. Single-ride or all day passes are always available when you board the bus. If you ride the bus on a regular basis, you may consider purchasing a monthly pass, which offers convenience and savings. If you ride the bus infrequently and don’t want to worry about having exact change, check out LTD’s 10-Ride booklets.


Fares Single Ride
Day Pass
Monthly Pass
3-Month Pass
10-Ride Ticket Book
Adult $1.75 $3.50 $50 $135 $16
Half Fare & Youth
$.85 $1.75 $25 $67.50 $8
RideSource $3.50

Children (5 & under)

Honor Rider (65+)

No Refunds or Exchanges on Fares Purchased


Adults: Ages 19-64
Youth: Ages 6-18
Children: Ages 5 and younger ride free with a fare-paying guardian.
Half-Fare: For people with disabilities and Medicare cardholders. Photo ID required.
Honored Rider: Ages 65 and older ride free. Photo ID required.


Single Ride: Pay cash for one ride on the bus. Good for that ride only.
1-Day Pass: Unlimited rides through the service day. Sold on the bus. Operators cannot give change.
10-Ride Ticket Book: One ticket is valid for a single ride, and two tickets may be exchanged for a 1-day pass.
1-Month Pass
: Unlimited rides for one calendar month.
3-Month Pass: Unlimited rides for three calendar months.

Ticket vending machines

EmX single-ride tickets and EmX day pass tickets are available at the ticket machines at EmX stations. EmX day pass tickets are accepted on all LTD bus routes and will be exchanged with the operator for a 1-day pass.