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LTD Rodeo-4

Bus Operators and Staff Compete in Bus Roadeo

July 26, 2023

Lane Transit District employees gathered for competition and fun during the annual Bus Roadeo on Sunday, July 16, 2023, in the District’s Glenwood bus yard.

Experienced bus operators to staff and administrative leadership showed their skills driving and maneuvering a 40-foot transit bus through an obstacle course. All competitors received a score based on their driving precision and the time it took for them to complete the various tests on the obstacle course. The top three place winners in each division were:

Masters Division:

1st Place – Shannon P.

2nd Place – Brett N.

3rd Place – Dianna S.

Maverick Division:

1st Place – Chris L.

2nd Place – Taj W.

3rd Place – Fred P.

Greenhorn Division:

1st Place – John A.

2nd Place – Scott S.

3rd Place – Quentin P.

Fleet Division:

1st Place – Jerry M.

2nd Place – Pete B.

Supervisor Division:

1st Place – Brian P.

2nd Place – Marcus H.

3rd Place – Rebecca M.

The winner in the Masters Driver Category, Shannon P., is eligible to compete in the Washington State Transit Association (WSTA) State Roadeo in Vancouver, Washington, next month and in the International Bus Roadeo in Portland, Oregon, in April 2024. The International Bus Roadeo is organized by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).

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